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A Very Big Week – 48/52

This weeks pictures chosen to celebrate where my children are right now is a bit of a mixed bag. For her it’s all about a week of big changes: taking another huge step away from my baby, to the brave little lady she’s becoming. That’s not to say things aren’t moving quickly for him either, as he’s starting to really communicate with the people around him and isn’t too shy in letting us all know what he wants!


For her picture this week, it’s a bit of a random one as it’s in the middle of a shopping centre. It’s more what it represents though. What you can’t see from looking is that there is a rather large and VERY pink build-a-bear on her back and the reason? Well – as you can see from her sticker – she gave up her dummies this week. I’ll do a full post on this at some point once we are fully clear, but needless to say this has been a very big week for this little lady who was VERY attached to them so I could not be more proud. She amazes me every day.


This little man loves In The Night Garden – what is it about that show that has all kids captivated?! From it though we have another new word this week: day-dee as in daisy. It took us to little while to realise he meant Upsy Daisy and only made the connection as he ran around shouting ‘day-dee’ over and over while clutching his little doll! His words are coming thick and fast now though, so much so I started making a note of the ones we hear as I couldn’t keep track. We’re currently on 23 recognisable words, so it’s clear to see any concerns we had about language are long behind us!

Living Arrows

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran

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