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the bear portraits 2019 – 11/52

The past week has been a good one. Back to school so Monday to Friday was back in to the routine. We do sometimes pop out visiting in the week, but on the whole, we tend to keep it close to home as it can be a really long day for the Bear. We managed to squeeze in a few crafts though and a visit to catch up with a friend.

At the weekend we try and head outside. The little man ADORES being out and about, so we make sure we cram in plenty of adventures. We had no plans this week but still managed to squeeze in a visit to the farm, our usual swimming lessons as well as a messy play session at our local playgroup. Plenty of time outside for him and plenty of things of make for her. A win-win weekend!

Our pictures this week though come from a mixed bag and are little moments in between any big adventures.


On Friday it was the Bears first ever Eisteddfod. For anyone that isn’t Welsh, the Eisteddfod is a¬†Welsh¬†festival of literature, music and performance. A lovely day where the children dress up and put on a show filled with song and dance. There is also a competitive element. For the Bears age group this included painting and model making so for the past few weeks they have been creating masterpieces ready for the Eisteddfod.

Here comes the proper proud parent moment as the Bear managed to come first for BOTH!! She loves anything creative, so I’m not surprised that she enjoyed it, though she’s far too young to fully understand it. Especially as when we spoke about it, she told me that they all came first and got a certificate for being so good in the Eisteddfod.


This boy.

All he wants to do at the moment is help. This weekend he has helped Daddy fix his car, helped Mummy cook dinner, helped to tidy up and then helped to clear Mummy’s car. Something that he LOVES doing.

He also had his first swimming lesson on Sunday. The kind where they get in to the pool on their own and….he hated it. Cried the whole way through. Not the screaming kind of cry but the persistent kind that showed just how unhappy he was. I won’t lie, I cried too. When rescuing him from the pool I was assured this was completely normal because it was new and give him a few weeks and he’ll be grand.

It doesn’t stop the EXTREME Mummy guilt though. The only thing that has rescued it is that even immediately after the class I asked him if it was fun and he said yes. I asked him if he liked it, he said yes. I asked him if he wanted to go back again, he said not yet. I asked him if he wanted to come back next week with the Bear, he said yes. I asked him if he liked his teacher, apparently she is lovely.

I’m still not convinced (or over the heartbreak of listening to him) but I’m willing to give it the term to see how things go.

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