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the bear portraits 2019 – 12/52

It’s been a good weekend. Lots of visiting, lots of jobs to do but we still managed to squeeze in a few adventures and crafts too.


This week the Bear had her first school disco and she LOVED it. Quiet to start with as per the norm, once she settled and adjusted to where she was, she was off! I only caught glimpses of her dancing and racing around with her friends. It was amazing to see and was definitely one of the biggest highlights of her week.

Her picture is from a lovely family forest walk where we collected treasures to bring home and create some woodland masterpieces with. This was the first time she walked the entire think on her own – around 1.5 hours – and with no moaning. Most definitely a huge family milestone!


This little snot box has been struck down with a cold again so has been feeling a little sorry for himself. We’ve had a good week but it’s had the be supported by plenty of cuddles and doses of Calpol here and there. He was having a great time in the forest collecting his treasures though, right up until his feet got wet!

His highlight of the week definitely seemed to be rediscovering his Thomas t-shirts which is where his picture comes from this week. Sometimes I guess it’s the little things that make it for you!

Quote of the week comes from the little man who – out of the blue – informed me that I have a “fatty fatty bum bum”. Thanks kid!

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