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the bear portraits 2019 – 13/52

A little later than planned, but it’s been a little hectic over here. Last week though was pretty quiet. However, this weekend proved that it doesn’t need to be packed to make it a good one. It seems that – for my kids at least – all they need is the council to come and cut the grass on the playing green outside your house on a sit on mower to make it a great one.

That’s where this weeks pictures were taken. Just having a great time outside our front door.


Just like her mama. The Bear loves taking photographs and spent ages positioning her brother to have his picture taken. He ran out of patience pretty quickly but I have to admit. She has a pretty good eye!!


Just give the boy a stick and he’s a happy little man! This one has been a little under the weather all week but seems to be coming out the other side now. It didn’t really develop into anything – no temperature or similar – just not right.

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