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Dear Henry

Dear Henry

Today my gorgeous boy you turned 7 months old and already I have some mummy guilt over the fact that this is my first Dear Henry post whereas for your sister we were regularly updating every 3 months.  Sorry for that, it’s more a reflection of how little time I have now than anything else.

You are already well over halfway to one and I am really not ready for that. You are definately my last baby and I am in no hurry for you to grow up at all but it seems that you have other ideas.

New things

In addition to the rolling and independant sitting which have all come on in the past month, we also have a few Dada’s now. I believe it’s just the sound but your daddy is taking it as the win as the first word. I’ve begrudging accepted that as we’ve already had a few in the right context!


You love sitting and playing with your toys; the favourites at the moment being your Iblis lion you inherited from your sister and your new fox that you got this week.  Your little face lit up when you saw him and you’ve loved chewing on his ears and tail every since.  You love lights and also your mummy singing.  Actually just your mummy full stop, you’re definately a mummy’s boy!


You’re not impressed with lying still anymore and the short times we manage to lie you down rather than sitting up, you’re already off rolling across the room.  You hate to feel hungry and definately get hangry if we don’t feed you quick enough!  Food-wise there isn’t much you don’t like but you’re not keen on chilli or cous cous, everything else you’ve tried so far has been a winner.

Favourite things

Your Iblis lion and new fox as mention and also your sophie giraffe and your most favourite thing in the world to play with seems to be packs of baby wipes.  I assume you love the feel and the sound of them but you just can’t get enough! Also a spoon, you do love to play with spoons.


We are so so lucky that you are such a content and happy little boy. We very rarely ever hear you cry, just when you are hungry or tired. Happy with life, you love to be cuddled and love one to one attention. You adore your sister and we often find the two of you cuddling or chatting away to each other. You have an adorable old man sound about you which is great to hear.  Full of smiles you are such an easy baby to love.


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