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One week in: our lockdown life

So, here we are. One week into a chaotic world of a semi lockdown, home schooling, work from home, try not to maim each other life. Here is what we have learnt this week.

Take the little wins

Dress before 9am? Managed to get the kids to eat fruit and / vegetables? Sat trough a world call without the screech of a child interrupting? You’re winning at lock down!

Be flexible

I’ve already written about the fact that things aren’t normal right now, so I don’t see the point in pretending that they are. Some days the kids are happy for hours working on their schoolwork, and other days they are done within 30 minutes and just need to get middy in the garden. I’m just rolling with it and choosing my battles while we’re all living 24/7 in such a self-contained space.

The Easter holidays are cancelled

Yes, I know it sounds harsh, but this weekend has taught me that an entire two weeks of free play while in semi lockdown is just a recipe for disaster in our house. Routine and a little bit of structure is in and the desire to maim each other in between echoes of “I’m starving” are hopefully out.

Keeping with a Monday – Friday “school day” structure during the holidays will hopefully help to give our days a little bit of a rhythm. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t be full on ‘proper’ schoolwork, but activities and things to do each day to hopefully keep them entertained.

Give choices

For us this MASSIVELY reduces the number of battles we have. Everything feels a little out of control for everyone at the moment, kids included. So, give them structured choices. What do they want to wear today A or B? Want them to get some schoolwork done? Then let them see the whole list of activities planned for them in the day and let them choose which ones to do first. This moves things from you telling them, to them choosing.

Hide sharp things

Kind of goes without saying I guess but when I caught the kids trying to give the poor cat a haircut with their craft scissors, I thought it was worth saying again just in case.

Put them to work

If they’re little enough and show interest, then put them to work. Doing the laundry, washing the dishes, joining in with the gardening. All these are things which not only pass the time, but they also teach important life skills.

Get outside if you can

Our garden has been a godsend this week and with the weather nice, we have spent every day out there. For my two Bears, there isn’t much a little sunshine and a lot of mud can’t fix. If you don’t have a garden, then even sitting in an open window with the sun on our faces can make a big difference to our spirits. Nature will do us all the world of good at this time.

What about you, what you have learnt this week?

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