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Ordinary Moments: a window of opportunity 6/52 (2020)

This week’s ordinary moment was taken in a very small window of opportunity yesterday afternoon when Storm Ciara quietened down a little.

There wasn’t much we could do as all the roads around out village were flooded, but we still managed to grab our scooters and bikes for a little fresh air. The Bear is loving the Little Man’s balance bike at the moment for some reason and we all loved grabbing the opportunity to get outside for an hour.

We did however take advantage of a rainy day by making this dreamcatcher. The Bear has been pushing to make one together for weeks now, and with Ciara raging outside the window it seemed like a good chance to do exactly that.

It now hangs pride of place by the Bears bed and she delighted in telling me this morning that she only had happy dreams last night.

This was my ordinary moment this week. What was yours?

The Ordinary Moments


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  1. Looks like a fun time outdoors and I love that dreamcatcher. That is so cute. I’d love to make one like that xx

  2. That dream catcher is beautiful – and it’s so nice to make the most of dry spells amongst the rain x

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