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Our week in moments 2020 | week 37

My little moments which stood out for me this week sound pretty familiar if I’m honest, as it is an echo of last weeks moments!

The heading may be the same, but the adventures are certainly different.


Another week and another opportunity to head back out in the caravan. We didn’t plan this trip, but when our weekend plans fell through on Thursday, we thought why not?!

We had a good a free weekend and good weather forecast, so we headed out to North Wales to explore. Our two were thrilled to get some time to swim in the pool, explore the arcades and then an afternoon at the beach finished off a weekend of impromptu fun.


The kids finally headed back to school full time on Wednesday after a week of the in/out school hokey cokey. It was only 3 days but boy where they tired by the time they finished on Friday.

It will take them a little while to find their groove again I think, but it’s so lovely seeing them back with their friends again.


The phased return to school since the 1st has meant that we were able to squeeze in one more mid-week adventure before school reclaimed them from Monday-Friday each week. This time we headed out to Chester zoo.

It’s been years since we last went and it was lovely to rediscover somewhere that the Bear and I used to enjoy at least once a week when she was a baby. We all had a fabulous day and when things start to get a little quieter, we may renew our membership.

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