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What’s inside our Christmas Eve box

We started our Christmas Eve box tradition when Darcie was born and it’s something that we have continued to do each year. This year is no different and I thought I would give you a quick sneak peek as to what we put inside it.

Now just to clear our Christmas Eve box contains no toys at all as to be honest, our kids just get so much across the festive season. Instead we use our Christmas Eve box as a simple family tradition, spending the time together. This is how we do it.


These boxes are previously gifted from I Just Love It but I love them so much. Cute and traditional, they are a lovely way to bring our Christmas tradition to life.

At only 24 x 18 x 7cm they are small, but for us they are the perfect size for the little bits and bobs that we pop inside.



Now this tradition started as a means to deliver brand new pajama’s ready to be bright and fresh on Christmas morning. Yes, it means providing festive PJ’s on Christmas Day, but we don’t care. As we wear our festive bedware year long with pride!

This year the kids have brand new onsies: My Little Pony for her and Bing for him. I can’t wait for them to open them as they are going to love them!


So, now we’re snuggled up together in our brand new PJ’s and next on the list is to indulge in a festive movie. We always try and add a new Christmas DVD to our collection and this year we are including the Grinch which we was also featured in my Children’s Gift Guide this year.

We’ve watched the Jim Carey version a few times but I’m looking forward to sitting down and watching this one together!


The final item in our box is a new book for each of the kids. I love books and they are plentiful in our house! We read them during the day and never miss a bedtime story. So, we always get a new book to enjoy together at bedtime in our Christmas Eve box.

This year Henry has The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas by Tom Fletcher and Darcie has The Truth Pixie by Matt Haig.

Add in a few snacks and that’s our Christmas Eve box. As you can see, for us this is less about (even more!) gifts and more about slowing down and enjoying a little time together as a family.

Snuggled up together on the sofa to watch a festive movie together in our brand new PJ’s before being tucked into bed with a new book. I can’t wait!

So, there we have it. Do you have a Christmas Eve box? What do you include in yours?

DISCLOSURE: both the box and the DVD have been previously gifted to us though I was under no obligation to include them in this post

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