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Living Arrows 24/52 – on the farm

This week’s #LivingArrows pictures were taken at a local farm which we popped along to over the weekend as part of Open Farm Sunday. We found out about the event last minute but thought we would pop along to take a look and I’m so glad we did!

Not only was it great to see all the animals close up but there were also tractor rides, sheep sheering, falconry, meet the bees, an opportunity to explore some tractors, a bouncy castle, and generally the opportunity to have a closer look around a working farm. If you missed it this year then I believe there are still a few events remaining for those farms who chose to take part on a different weekend, alternatively it’s worth putting it in the diary for next year. My two loved it!


Living Arrows on the farm - her

We’ve had a bit of a challenge this week with madam. Nothing too big but generally just pushing the boundaries constantly. Things like pushing her brother, poking him, little meltdowns over things like not being allowed the “hi-pad” and not being allowed pink ice cream for breakfast….mean mummy!  I do have to keep reminding myself that at 2 she’s still a baby herself but she’s bright and knows what she’s doing. Mummy just needs to learn a little more patience I think and to remind herself that although she’s a toddler, she’s still a baby too. Not an easy feat when you’re on your won with 2 under 3 and are soooooooo tired! I’m working on it though!


living arrows on the farm - him

This little guy is just a menace! He’s into everything and never stops. There’s no downtime to him at all as there are two speeds with this little guy: on or off. He’s going to be that child that I blink and he’s gone, running down the road playing in traffic with me chasing after him. He still only has the 3 teeth you can see here although another 2 have been threatening to pop over the past few weeks and his poor gums are bulging. He’s found his voice (and temper!) and is quick to let us know when he wants something – usually the TV remote!!

There’s definate conflict between these two now as both seem to pepetually want what the other one has and I feel like I spend my day trying to manage the two of them and avoid a meltdown. And so it begins I guess!!

Living Arrows

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran

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  1. I have always loved the thought behind open farm Sunday but have never managed to go along – it looks like a great day out! x

  2. Gorgeous photo of your girl, little model in the making!

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