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new books, big changes and festive preparation #LittleLoves

It’s been a big week! There has been visits to Santa, present wrapping, last minute shopping and in among all of that we’ve gone self hosted here at tippytupps.  That means I have more control over the site which is both exiting and slightly terrifying all at the same time…..


I finished my pre-release and it was actually really great. Not my usual style of novel I would choose but I actually enjoyed it which was my entire reason for getting involved in the campaign in the first place. Watch out for my official review on Monday.


Plenty of crafts this week as we’ve been in full homemade Christmas mode for gifts. I can’t go into too much detail for the how-to (as some recipients I know read this…. *waves*) but it was great fun making it all up. Though I’m not sure who enjoyed it more; me or the Bear!


The official news that I have been placed under consultation at work. It’s been a long time coming – since August – therefore it did not come as a surprise. This means that 2017 is going to hold a lot of changes for us as a family as I go self employed a look for non conventional avenues to contribute. This was always going to be the long term plan so this has simply ramped up the timescale… this space as things will become official either way in a few weeks.


Plenty of orders this week which is great – a big part of the changes which are coming in 2017 is the crafty side to tippytupps and this week has bought more Christmas plates, festive dresses and snuggly hat makes.


My lovely new Misfit Ray – it’s shown me that no one do I not move enough but I also do not sleep enough! Though the latter I was already aware of…..


Planning is going well for the big day next week. We decided that last year will be the last year that we will go out visiting and from now onwards we will stay at home on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as the Bear is getting to the stage where she’s more aware and it’s just not fair to pull her away from all her new toys to go out visiting.  That means we have an open door for anyone who would like to come to us, but we will be staying at home.  I can’t wait!

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  1. I’m so jealous, I would love to stay home with the boys on Christmas day, not sure that will be happening for a while 🙁

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