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Our Week 2019 – 20/52

How is it Monday again already?! Last week was a pretty quiet week for us and even quieter weekend. I’ve no idea what’s happened but it seems to have flown by at serious speed. You know one of those weeks where you feel like you haven’t stopped, but looking back you can’t see what you actually achieved or did? It was most certainly one of those. There were a few highlights though….


Our adventures have been local ones this week. We’ve had to fit them in around a little bit of bad weather and a lot of errands. We managed to slot in a few though, including a trip to the local mere and park for a little play and to feed the ducks as well as a trip to the local farm to feed the sheep and cuddle some rabbits and guinea pigs.

The kids have had a few additional adventures with grandparents though, including a visit to the zoo and a live theatre performance to watch The Tiger that Came to Tea. It’s alright for some isn’t it?!

Other than that we’ve had a really quiet weekend at home which – after such a busy week – I think was needed by us all. The bonus of having a weekend at home is the fact that the house is now tidy (at last!!) and the garden is getting on track. It give it a day at most until the kids have it back how it was though.


I’ve finally managed to get up to date with Eleonora’s Changing Tides blanket. I’ve really enjoyed making my way through the pattern and can definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a CAL that’s clear and easy to follow.

Other than that, it’s been a quiet week on the craft front which is unusual for us. What we have managed to do is make good headway on the garden though. The peas, carrots and tomato shoots are planted out, and we have a whole host of seeds we’ve popped in including lettuce, rocket, cucumber, lavender, radishes and beets. Fingers crossed we get enough for planting!


What can I say about the Bears this week. I always said that this blog will be a little record of our lives, worts n’ all. Unfortunately this has been an worts n’ all kinda week. I’ve not doubt that it’s just usual 4 year old stuff, but damn it’s hard when you’re in the midst of it. We have one more week of school before half term so I’m hoping that it’s tiredness and a week off will do us all some good.

Thankfully though, there have been plenty of glimmers of sunshine in amongst all the clouds. All I can say is that it’s a good job that these two little Bears are loved is all!

And that’s it for this week. If you missed last weeks update, then you can catch up here.

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