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The Bear Portraits 38/52

What a weekend!! A festival and a conference as well as some serious DIY means we’ve not had much time for anything else. It’s been a great one though, filled with new ideas and information for me and new family adventures for us all! Here’s where the Bears are this week.

Both photos were taken at The Good Life Experience that we were lucky enough to pop along to on Saturday.


The beginning of the week was still a struggle with school, but on Thursday we seem to have found a drop off solution which worked without tears. Let’s hope that it continues into this week!

She’s had a wonderful weekend off though as not only did she spend Saturday at the festival with her best friend who she met there, but she also started swimming lessons this week. As usual she’s the youngest and smallest, but did a wonderful job of embracing it and trying her best.


He’s really missed his big sister again this week, announcing “Darcie’s gone” at every opportunity while she’s at pre-school.

He loves The Good Life Experience as he’s always happier when he’s outside, exploring and preferably getting dirty. Something that the festival allowed him to do in abundance!

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