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The Bear Portraits 42/52

First the mist came, then the winds, and then the rain. After days and days indoors, it’s been wonderful to get outside. This weeks Bear Portraits pictures are from an afternoon at Chirk Castle. Den building and muddy puddles: the best way to blow off the cobwebs!


My little warrior. This was too big for her. She couldn’t reach, it was too high up and far too wobbly for a 4 year old. Did that stop her though? Nope! She found her own way across. Never change baby girl.


This little spider monkey has not only been a complete mama’s boy this week but he’s also found his temper. And oh boy is he not afraid to use it.┬áIt’s safe to say that his days of giving in are long behind us which should make for some interesting times ahead!

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  1. They look so happy in these ones!! suck playful little sweeties!

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