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weekends away, stupid decisions and running again #LittleLoves

This is becoming a bit of a habit isn’t it as I’m once again incredibly late with my little loves post. I have a good reason though, as hubby had the idea last weekend to head out for an impromptu weekend away. As it was my brother’s birthday too, we invited him along with our parents to join us. It was great!! The added extra was that I had absolutely no phone signal which was actually pretty nice – no social media got chance to interrupt our weekend but it does mean that I’m incredibly behind with the blog!

 Anyway – time to have a quick look back over the week at my little loves:

I’m still not finished with Accidental Damage by Alice May but I’m hoping to get it done this week as I have a little stack of books on my desk waiting to be read!

I watched my little girl have the most amazing weekend. Not only did she seem to enjoy the constant attention from us, her grandparents and her uncle but she absolutely loved the dancing! We went to the clubhouse each nice to ‘enjoy’ the entertainment and although not to our taste – as believe it or not they don’t stretch to giant teddies dancing and singing on a stage – she absolutely loved it which is what was most important to us. Henry was less fussed but he’s also at that age when as long as he’s fed and cuddled then he’s a happy boy!

Her face may not say it here as she’s a shy little thing but we also watched her fall in love with a certain giant pink elephant. I hope that Anxious the elephant is there when we go back in September or we could have a very upset toddler!!

Some good news that’s I’ve won a few freelance writing clients – whoop!! Fingers crossed it holds out for the next few months and starts to build a regular income. Moving from a guaranteed salary each month to fleelance has been a difficult one to get used to and something I will be touching on in some upcoming posts about going self-employed.

It’s not been all plain sailing though as I also made a stupid mistake. I did some freelance work for someone offline and they have skipped on the invoice. It was my own fault as I should have known better but you just have to take a risk on these things. Sometimes they work out and other times you get stung.  Unfortunately this time it was the latter but you live and learn right?! Thank goodness I stopped work until my first invoice was cleared as it could have been a lot worse.

My trainers as I’ve started running again…eek!  Only a c25k at the moment and it was slower than an elephant through peanut butter. It still counts as running though! It was tough but I really enjoyed it. The plan is for three times a week and takes around 30 minutes so that should be doable even with the two bears!

Hubby is off this week and next which is great all being off together. It’s also great for the kids as they love spending time with their daddy. However, it’s a nightmare for work as it’s very distracting having my whole family in the house. Who wants to work when there are gorgeous babies to squidge!
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  1. Oh yes we all make a few mistakes a long the way but good for you for taking the positive out of it and working forward. Freelance is such a great way to work and it will get better as you go. I wish I could get back into running good for you! Sorry for delay in comments catching up on this weeks and last weeks #littleloves now. Happy Easter!

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