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  • My favourite photography topic: Papa Bear and his baby bears 😍
I thought I was lucky when I found my soul mate and best friend. Then we had children and I knew I struck gold by the kind of daddy that he became. .
The kind of daddy that gets down  on their level, that listens to them, drys their tears and chases their fears away. That plays with them and engages. These are the memories that will outlast any gift. .
Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's out there. Especially my own 😍 (swipe right). Biological, step, surrogate, stand in and even the fur daddy. I hope you have a wonderful day.
  • AD | GIVEAWAY - over on the blog today we're reviewing the @mybusybots busy bags. What's more we're giving away a bag to one lucky reader (link in bio).
These have been a blessing today seeing as IT'S NOT STOPPED RAINING! Add that to the fact I have one little Bear out of action sick on the sofa I've needed things to keep the other one entertained. I have a feeling it's going to be a long week...
  • And the rain has arrived! We were due to be camping this weekend - the first trip of the season - but the threat of two days of solid heavy rains + high winds + a still recovering little man, has us battening down the hatches and enjoying the rain from the warmth and dry of our house! .
Is anyone up to anything exciting this weekend?
  • Remembering happier days when our house wasn't filled with vomit and snot. Its been a hard few days (and even harder nights!) but little man seems to have turned a corner now and is hopefully on the mend. .
I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he hasn't passed it on to his sister on the way out!

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