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Socks Product Review – The Sock Geeks Subscription Box

There are a lot of subsciption boxes out there; ones for foods and crafts, for him and for her, for children and for pets. When a new subscription box came on the scene – this time for socks – I was genuinely intregued. Then when we were asked to review their service, I jumped at the chance.


Although a monthly subscription box, this is one with a difference as they claim to select each sock personally and is done so to match the personality of the recipient. They do this by using psychometric projective techniques to better understand them.

Once set up, the idea is it works like any other subscription service and once a month you will recieve some happy post containing your new socks. Each come with a description of whats been chosen and a little about the company that produces them so you know where it’s from should you wish to go out and buy more of your own. If at any point you don’t like the socks you are sent and don’t think you’ll wear them, then you can get in contact with team who will swap them for you to another pair.


Now I was intreaged by the idea but still dubious when I sat down to give it a go. Hubby very rarely gets new treats so I set up the subsciption in his name and performed the quiz on his behalf. It was really simple, asking me to select which animal, flower, landscape, dog and cat which best reflects his personality. I was pleasently surprised by the result as it got him absolutely spot on: a ‘Friendly Sock Geek’. Thinking it was a fluke, I repeated it for myself and again, it sounded right: an ‘Extreme Sock Geek’. Such a fun idea and strangly on the mark so well done sock geeks!

Socks Personality Test Results

Personality matched, and then details entered, the delievery came really quickly with a little description about the socks that were chosen and why. I loved them immediately – bright and soft I was a little jealous that they weren’t for me!

Now I’m going to pass you over to the husband who is going to take you through the rest of the review and let you know what he thinks about the subscription service and the socks themselves……


Hi, Im hubby, otherwise know as Daddeeeee or rarely as Alex. I won’t beat around the bush, how random is a sock subsription??? But hey, I like socks and I like a gift that keeps giving every month. I would hardly say that I am a sock conesssuier but having to sit down and think about things to write about a pair of socks puts things into persepctive, THESE ARE WICKED SOCKS!

When they arrived, they came in a very premuim looking back bubble wrap with gold lettering,with business cards and other notes coming out; very posh and you can see where your money has gone! These socks have a lot of expectation on them now!!! I invisiged some saville row style tailor pressing the pair of them before ellabrotely packaging them, a la Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually.

I like the little labels on each side, I never knew I was a person who liked my left feet socks to stay on my left feet and vise versa but its a touch I liked. The fit of them is pretty awesome too, the (and I’m sure there is a technical phase for this) elasticated bit at the top of a sock is not too tight to be uncomfortable but tight enough to keep the sock taught for the day as to not have a Nora Batty look about them. Material wise they feel very soft, not in an exoctic material way but in a nice cotton way. Finally, the pattern has gained 3 comments so far: 1 from a stranger and 2 from work collegues. Baring in mind this has only been on two sock outings, that is a very high comment conversion rate.

Overall bloke opinion: they are nice posh socks.

Back to the Mrs……


So onto the details: there are three subscription options available direct on their website at Sock Geeks:

  • A pay monthly value at £7 per month.
  • A 6 month subscription for £35 giving a 15% discount.
  • A 12 month subsciption for £60 giving the recipient 3 free pairs over the course of their subscription.

This may seem a little steep if you were just buying yourself a pair of socks a month, but as a 6 month subscription for a birthday, Christmas or Fathers Day gift? I love the idea and have a few men in our family who would I think would enjoy recieving them.


As you can probably tell I love the concept. It’s fun, quirky and and an original idea for when you’re stuck for gift ideas. Something practical for the recipient, I love that it’s a personality matched service and time seems to be taken over selecting the right pair of socks. Let’s be honest, a fella will probably never buy this for himself but for as a gift? Great idea!!

Afterall, what do you get the men in your life that have everything? Socks of course!!

At the very least I recommend that you head on over to take a look and have a go at their Sock Personality Quiz and find out what kind of sock geek you are!

 THE GIVEAWAY – this giveaway is now closed

The guys over at Sock Geeks have given me a 3 month subscription to giveaway to one lucky reader. Fancy a little gift of snuggly socks each month either through your own letterbox or that of a loved one? Then just enter via Rafflecopter using the link below and follow the usual social media accounts.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is powered by Rafflecopter and will close on Friday 28th April. The winner will then be chosen at random using the tool. For full terms and conditions for the giveaway, please visit the Tippytupps terms and conditions page.



DISCLOSURE – we recieved this product in return for our honest review. However, all opinions expressed in this review post are our own.

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