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Book Review – Benediction by Kelly Moran

It’s been a good month for books and it’s great to get back into the rhythm of reading again. I’m doing well on my reading challenge for 2017, but there have been a lot of heavy topics in the books I’ve been reading through recently. So, when Benediction by Kelly Moran made it’s well into my inbox, I was more than happy to get on board and enjoy a little bit of romance and passion!


As a child, Nakos Hunt left behind the familiarity of his Native American Arapaho tribe for time on Cattenach Ranch. Now the foreman, he’s happily settled into his life, but the girl who befriended him all those years ago suddenly has him twisted inside out. He craves stability and purpose, and Amy Woods is anything but a calming presence. Though she’s unbelievably gorgeous and about the only person who can drag a laugh from him, he’s never been able to understand her. Then a moment changes everything, and an urgent need to protect her rises inside him. And doesn’t let go. So does an aching desire and a bond he can’t seem to control, no matter how hard he fights the need.
She’s no one’s version of ever-after…

Amy’s not a stranger to disappointment. She’s spent the majority of her life pulling up her bootstraps and flipping Karma the bird. Once, she may have dreamed of things like happiness and love, but those were for other people. Nakos has never been someone she deserves, yet the attraction between her and the meticulous sexy-as-sin cowboy is undeniable. And too tempting to ignore. Not only is he strong, patient, and respectful, he’s showing her a kind of romantic passion she didn’t think existed. But the secret she’s keeping could shatter their perfect bubble, and when an old nightmare comes crawling back from the past, she realizes losing Nakos will be the one thing she can’t recover from.


Although second in a series, this can easily be read as a standalone book. A good thing for me as I haven’t read the first yet. There are a few references throughout but none that are not explained which is great. The Benediction starts with Amy at the dramatic climax of her marraige and follows her story as she finds her feet and her confidence once again with more than a little help from her lifelong friend Nakos. A solid friend-to-lover story, Benediction is their story.

With a dark past and secrets that continue to haunt her, Amy is a damaged soul which is something I tend to like in my lead characters. I like when they have a struggle to overcome and a rite of passage to journey so I really liked Amy as a character; she had real strength and fire hiding beneathe an exterior that had taken too many knocks. Nakos on the other hand is a little too perfect for me. Other than ignoring her for most of their lives (but then suddenly realising attraction was there all along as a result of seeing her broken followed by seeing her in a pretty dress) he is pretty much the perfect man throughout which I found a little……dull.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy Benediction, I did. Sometimes this is exactly the kind of book I need. Something nice and predictable with characters that you know will act in a certain way. There is a lot to be said for chic lit with a little bit of steam!!


3/5 – a nice “friend to lover” read. It won’t rock your world but it is a good summer read that you don’t have to think about too much. Just sit back and enjoy the story.

You can download your copy from Amazon for a bargain price of £3.09! (Price correct as at August 2017).


The rating explained:

5/5 – holy cow; an amazing book…….go out and read it NOW.

4/5 – a really good book….definately worth a download.

3/5 – a good solid read…..not amazing but worth a read if the blurb tickles your fancy.

2/5 – mmm…..not the best but not horrendous either.

1/5 – yeah, I’d give this one a miss.


DISCLOSURE: I was provided with a free digital copy of this book in return for this honest review.

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  1. Sounds interesting, haven’t heard of it before!

  2. I like damaged soul characters as well!

  3. This isn’t normally my type of book but your review made me interested… lol great review, thank you!

  4. I agree, sometimes it’s just nice to have a predictable read for escapism

  5. Definitely not something I would normally be attracted to but hmm…
    Britt |

  6. This isn’t necessarily my type of book but I I enjoy the “friend to lover” trope even though it’s not my favorite in the world. Great review!

  7. Rebecca says:

    I wouldn’t usually go for a book like this. But the cover

    Becca |

    1. tippytupps says:

      That’s exactly why I picked it up!

  8. Sounds interesting! I don’t know if it’s my type of book but I’m going to look into it!

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