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If you follow the blog you will know that we are trying to make a big move as a family to reduce our waste and shop more ethically. This is something I find incredibly hard to do with two young children. The simple fact is that they grow so quickly, it’s difficult to justify the larger price tag that often comes with ethical and sustainable clotheswear.

So, when I come across a brand that seems to be fun, affordable and ethically sourced, I get a little excited. Enter Lucy & Sam.

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A London based fashion label, Lucy & Sam were founded in 2012. What I love about them is that they use organic cotton that is 100% certified. Their aim is “to give customers a cool, trend led fashion choice in organic cotton that is ethically sourced”. This sounds absolutely great to me. The question is though, is it affordable and will the kids like it?!

I loved the range on their website. I found the styles simple and comfortable which looked perfect for play. One thing I hate about childrens clothes is when they are too fussy or restrictive, I have active children that love to be outside. So, clothes that don’t allow them to move just makes them bad tempered. Lucy & Sam have clearly taken this into consideration when designing their range. Same goes for the prints: plenty of lovely colours with prints and motifs that are attractive to children.

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For Henry I went with the space rocket sweatshirt with loopback strip joggers. For Darcie the heart tree sweatshirt and the autumn stripe bow joggers (because she’s pink mad!). All 4 items are currently in the sale and at £21 per outfit, to me this makes Lucy & Sam a very affordable option in ethical childrens fashion.


When our outfits arrived I was so pleased with my choice. I specifically wanted something that would be comfortable for play but it also needed to be warm. Although spring is desperately trying to break through, it’s still winter. That is exactly what I got. The colours were beautiful, the fabrics soft and both immediately loved their respective outfits.

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Although very close in size, both children have very different body shapes. Therefore, I was so pleased that on a whole the fit was very good. Darcie’s was a little big around the waist – which is normal as she has no butt – but it wasn’t so big that her trousers fell down while running around. Perfect! Henry on the other hand is short in the leg – again completely normal for him as he seems to have inherited my short dumpy legs – but that was nothing that a quick turn up didn’t instantly fix.

We didn’t have to wait long until their new clothes were put to the test. Every time we have a remotely clear day my two want to get outside and play. On this particular day they escaped into the back garden as soon as they were able to.

This is why warm clothes are so important to us at this time of year. The last thing they want while running in and out of the house on a dry day, is me running after them trying to get them into a coat, hat and gloves. Don’t get me wrong, we won’t be heading out on a walk in nothing but a sweatshirt and joggers at this time of year, but for running in and out and splashing around in their mud kitchen for a little while, it was perfect. As long as it’s not too cold of course!

They were comfortable, warm and held up well against the serious amount of muddy play that a certain little man was putting them through. Each time he jumped, climbed and fell, at no point did his clothes restrict him. This is exactly what I look for when choosing what to buy them.

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The range from Lucy & Sam is perfect for parents looking for clothes for their little ones that are comfortable and fun. I loved the colours and the softness of the fabrics. What stood out for me though was that they are ethically sourced while still being affordable. This makes it a viable option for us when trying to choose things for the children that helps us live in a more ethical and sustainable way.

So, Lucy & Sam – it’s a thumbs up from Henry and me!

Lucy & Sam - review - it's a yes from us

You can find Lucy & Sam on their website, on Facebook, on Instagram and on Twitter.

Lucy & Sam - review - toddler clothes - ethical fashion

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  1. I absolutely love both of these outfits, they’re adorable and look really high quality too!

  2. This sounds like an amazing company! I just love the photos! Those big smiles are adorable!

  3. I’m so glad you gave these a thumbs up, sounds like a wonderful clothing line!

  4. These outfits look beautiful….and durable!

  5. Rebecca says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous! I love the pictures! x

  6. The outfits are so cute, I especially love the space rocket sweatshirt!
    Britt |

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