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Winter Skin SOS

With the turn in the weather recently, my lips have gotten so painful. I have a bad habit that my daughter has inherited, of licking my lips. Add that to the cold and they get cold, split and very sore. That got me thinking about where you turn to in the cold to give your skin a little helping hand.


Dry eye concealer works to brighten any dry skin around the eyes. If your eyes are anything like mine, they can get tired and itchy in the winter – I think from a mixture of cold outdoors followed by warm heated indoors. The good news about the dry eye concealer is that it calms the eyes and treats them whilst brightening. A win win situation right? Dry Eye Concealer costs £11.95 and is available on the skinshop website.


Cold weather is not good for the skin. Cold winds strips it’s natural moisture and leaves it dry. Over time that can cause soreness, flakiness, chaffing, itchy skin and overall making it more sensitive. Sometimes the only thing that can help, is to create a barrier against the harsh conditions. This is where the Defensil Rescue Serum comes in, as it creates a soothing balm that helps to lock in moisture. Defensil Rescue Serum costs £9.95 and is available on the skinshop website.


Day to day I use general lip balm throughout the winter to try and keep them moisturised but when you get that tingle then, well lip balm just doesn’t cut it anymore. I’m lucky that I don’t really suffer from cold sores but when you do, you need that little bit of help to treat them and ensure they heal as soon as possible. This is where cold core gel is a God send, as it helps to relieve the itching and buring that comes with cold sores. Hübner’s Silicea Cold Sore Gel costs £7.99 is available from independent health shops and online at

And that’s it. My recommendations for when your eyes, skin and lips need a little TLC. What about you? Anything you would add to this list?

DISCLAIMER: this is a collaborative post.


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  1. I need that cold sore gel! I dont get them often but when I do they are horrible!!

  2. I always get such dry skin and cracked lips in the winter. It’s the worst! May give these products a try!

  3. I just did a winter skin routine video because my skin gets so dry And I wanted to share them

  4. I wish we could get these products in Canada. The winters are brutal on my skin.

  5. Rebecca says:

    That concealer looks great! Deffo need some of them for my sleepless nights

  6. Thanks for this! I always get dry and cracked skin!

  7. I am one of those people that always suffers from cracked lips in the winter. They can be so painful!
    Britt |

  8. Great post.The Lush Lip Service Lip balm has been a saviour for me over the past few months!

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