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AD | fun at home with Spin Master

We love a board game in this house and have started to enjoy games nights with the kids. We all love it and a good game teaches so many skills for little ones while enjoying some quality family time together.

With this in mind and given how much time we are currently spending at home; you can imagine how excited we were when Spin Master sent us a bundle of games to keep us all entertained.


We really enjoyed this game as it’s so simple but really fun to play as a family. The idea is that you place a card in your head band so everyone else can see it, but you cannot. You then set the timer and ask as many yes / no answer questions to be able to guess what you are. Am I an animal? Do I swim in the sea? Can I run fast? Etc, you get the idea.

The official age is 7+ years but we found that it was really easy to adapt this so the kids could join in at aged 3 and 5. Instead of them asking the questions, we gave them a series of leading clues so they could try and guess what they were. For example, you have a loud roar / you are black and white / you fly in the sky. The end result was a lot of fun!

Available to buy now on Amazon (affiliate link).


I won’t lie, we didn’t really get chance to test this one out. At 8+ this is beyond my two at the moment and as a strategy game, there wasn’t really an adjustment we could make for them.

They loved how it looked though and took turns spinning the wheel and rolling the dice. It has been safely put away in the cupboard to wait for a year or two until they are old enough to both watch the films and play the game. It looks great though doesn’t it?!

Available to buy now on Amazon (affiliate link).


This is a great Baby Shark twist on the classic go fish game. One that Baby Shark fans will love (do do do do do do) sorry, not sorry.

This is a great game for little ones that develops so many great skills such as hand-eye coordination, colour matching and sequencing. All to its very own theme song!! Use your rod to catch the fish. The person who catches the most wins! Simple but so much fun.

Available to buy now on Amazon (affiliate link).


Finally, we have Otrio. This was my personal favourite as I love a simple strategy game such as this. Otrio is like tic tac toe but levelled up! The aim of the game is still three in a row, but this can be played with 2 – 4 players and each of the 9 spaces on the board can be used 3 times due to the varying sizes of the pieces.

With three different ways you can win the game, you need to be looking at more than one thing at once meaning that you can set up some great sneak attacks! I’ve been challenging hubby to a game on our own but to play with the bears it’s been easy to level down and simply challenge them to a standard 3 in a row game of tic tac toe.

Available to buy now on Amazon (affiliate link).

There we have it! As you can tell we were thrilled with our Spin Master bundle and they have already given us hours of enjoyment. That’s the great thing about board games, you can get them out time and time again and just enjoy the time spent together as a family.

DISCLOSURE: we were sent this bundle in return for this honest review. As always though, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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