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Shimmer N Sparkle with InstaGlam Dolls | AD

Darcie has really become interested in makeup recently. Although I personally very rarely wear it, I don’t see an issue with her exploring and playing around with makeup. It’s a rite of passage and a natural part of growing up. As long as she realises that is less about beauty and more about creativity and self-expression, then I have no issue with it at all.

So, when Shimmer N Sparkle sent us some of their new InstaGlam dolls, I knew that this is something that would immediately appeal to the Bear.


There are four dolls to collect – Nina, Luna, Hayley, and Evie – each with their own style and look making them a really funky and fun collectable. Embedded within each doll is a different makeup colour palette.

We were sent Luna and Evie to review and the Bear could not have been more thrilled.

Open them up, and each doll comes with a secret hidden makeup palette unique to them. Made up of 1 x mini lipstick, 2 x eye shadow, 2 x lip gloss along with a removeable brush applicator and sponge applicator (in their hair clips), it holds everything a little one would need to unleash their inner makeup artist.

That’s not all though, as each doll also has a secret sparkle reveal. Simply use the brushes to wash their eyelids and lips to show the glitter beneath.

Both Henry and Darcie had the best time playing around with these. Not only making up their dolls, but also me as well. Let’s just say I had a very glamourous make over by the end of the day!

What was really nice about the Instaglam dolls though, is that they work on three levels:

  • A beautiful makeup palette ready for kids to explore their inner makeup artist
  • Fun to play with as character doll, complete with poseable head.
  • When you’ve finished playing, pop the dolls back on their stand to display them until you are ready to play again.


I love how the design of the InstaGlam dolls make this a toy rather than just makeup. However, the makeup itself is real, which for them makes it all feel much more grown up.

For me this is far more appropriate for children of Darcie’s age and much more about dress up and play.

The dolls themselves are cute and fun and have the right level of uniqueness to be immediately appeal. Fun to play with and use, they are a win for us both. uniqueness


Now this is something a little different. While we were reviewing the InstaGlam Dolls, the Bear started making her own little video apparently for all the people who don’t have one and don’t know how they work. Too adorable right?!

It’s a little rough but out of the 17 minutes she recorded (eek!!), there were a few bits in there which made for a good first video for her. I personally think she did a great job for her first time considering she’s only 5.

I promised here I would include it so here it is.

Retailing at £9.99, I actually think that is really reasonable and would make a great gift for any child Darcie’s age. It’s certainly something I will be keeping in mind for future gifts for her school friends.

Available to buy now from Amazon and Smyths.

DISCLOSURE: we were sent Luna and Evie for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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    My daughter will deffo have these on her christmas list

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