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Bowie Beamheart from the Goo Goo Galaxy

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A new toy on the market which is out of this world. And I mean literally. This week we were given a chance to take a look at Bowie Beamheart from the Goo Goo Galaxy and this is what we thought.

Bowie Beamheart from the Goo Goo Galaxy


Bowie Beamheart’s belly is ready to be filled with Star Goo – designed by you! Her planet-ship contains everything you need to create custom cosmos creations. Simply mix the intergalactic ingredients with the whisk then use the Regoovinator to fill Bowie up. This is one cute little Goo Drop who can’t wait to squish a play with you!

In short, you mix, fill then squish!!

What's in the box


First up you need to mix your slime. Taking the bowl and mixer provided, all you need to do is add water to your slime powder and stir until it thickens. You can then add sparkles and glitter to customise your very own galaxy slime.

The kids had the best time doing this and took real care to design their goo. There is something about slime that seems to gross my kids out and fascinate them at the same time, so they really enjoyed this part of the process.

Mixing our Goo Goo Galaxy slime

Now, it was time to fill up Bowie’s belly. Using the “ReGOOvinator” syringe, suck up the goo and feed it to your Goo Goo Galaxy doll. This didn’t quite go to plan as try as we might, the syringe just didn’t want to suck anything up. We didn’t let us stop us and we simply used a spoon to fill it to the brim before feeding it to Bowie.

Filling Bowie's belly

This both a weird and strangely satisfying! What we were left with once filled was one seriously squishy Bowie. Pop in her lollypop dummy to stop the goo escaping and she’s ready to squeeze.

The lollypop dummy

Half doll, half stress ball it is strangely satisfying to watch our custom-made galaxy goo move around inside her. What’s great about Goo Goo Galaxy though, is that when you get tired of squishing and playing with her you can start all over again.

Our Goo Goo Galaxy cosmic goo

When you’re ready you can take out her lollypop and squuueeeezeeee out all the goo. Yes, this looks like vomit and yes it will be disgusting but kids will love it! Once all the goo is gone you can remove the head (!!) to clean it thoroughly and leave to dry. Once done, you are good to go all over again.

Each Goo Goo Galaxy doll comes with enough ingredients to fill her belly twice.


My two had a great time mixing the goo and then feeding it to Bowie, fighting over who got to do what. Without a doubt that was Henry’s favourite part though he lost interest soon after having a few squeezes of her. Darcie on the other hand has loved playing with her. Bowie even made it into school with her on Friday for their golden hour and now apparently half her class want a Goo Goo Galaxy doll for Christmas.

Someone loves Goo Goo Galaxy

There is no doubt that she is drawn to just how lovely she looks, and she absolutely loves her name. So, whoever in the galaxy’s product development came up with that one hit it spot on.

Goo Goo Galaxy is a doll with a difference and there is no doubt that this will be a hit with girls and boys alike. After all it’s a doll with both slime and rainbows? What’s not for five-year-old to like.

Bowie Beamheart is available to buy now and can be found on Amazon.

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DISCLOSURE: I was sent Bowie Beamheart from the Goo Goo Galaxy for the purposes of this review. However – as always – all thoughts and opinions remain my own.

Gift ideas for children: Bowie Beamheart from the Goo Goo Galaxy is ready to be filled with Star Goo - designed by you! A doll with both slime and rainbows? What's not to like.

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