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Casdon Dyson Ball Toy Vaccum Cleaner Review

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There is no doubt that children learn through copying and this includes household chores too. No matter what I do, my two always want to ‘help’ and for me this is an important part of their development.

So, when we were recently sent a Casdon Dyson Ball to put to the test, I was more than happy to take a closer look. Here is what we thought.

Casdon Dyson Ball Toy Vaccum Cleaner Review

The Casdon Dyson Ball is a seriously detailed replica of the real thing. It looks just like it and even moves in the same way with its very own twist and turn action. The only really fun addition is the cyclone action complete with tiny coloured balls which whizz around when switched on. I only wish the grown-up version had these too!

The cyclone action


Not only does this look fun but it helps pick up dirt too. It’s obviously nowhere near as powerful as a real vacuum cleaner but hey, ever little helps! You can see that the kids love emptying the little removable debris drawer which collects everything that they’ve picked up ready for disposal.

Pushing the button of his Casdon Dyson Ball

The realistic sounds really make little ones feel part of the fun and involved in helping to clean the house.


Mimicking behaviour at home has real play AND learning value as children copy their parents and gain real satisfaction doing so. The Casdon Dyson Ball is so close to the original, children feel more grown up while helping their parents as they play. This is all done while learning and developing key skills without even realise they are doing so.

Running fun with the Casdon Dyson Ball

Things like developing social skills for the future, working on their hand to eye coordination while also pushing them in their fine motor skills and problem solving as they manoeuvre the Dyson Ball around.

That’s not all though, as the working aspects of the toy such as the suction, the cyclone action and emptying the little debris draw teaches them important messages on cause and effect without their even realising.

Happy to be in play


Not only is this great fun, but it also makes little ones feel like they’re really helping. It helps with mobility, navigating obstacles as well as hand to eye coordination. Not only that though, it’s great practice for when they’re older and can use the real thing!

The Casdon Dyson Ball - view from above

It does need 4x C batteries though that aren’t included to keep that in mind if you’re considering buying this as a gift.

What I really loved about this though, is that is simply mimicked the real thing without needing to draw on gender stereotypes to do so. There is no pink for girl, or blue for boy this is simply a toy which allows children to explore their own imaginations.

You can pick up your own Casdon Dyson Ball on Amazon now (affiliate link). Finally, if you enjoyed this review, then why not check out some more in the review section of the blog.

DISCLOSURE: we were sent the Casdon Dyson Ball for the purposes of this review. However – as always – all thoughts and opinions remain our own.

The Casdon Dyson Ball is not only is this great fun, but it also makes little ones feel like they're really helping. Not only that though, it's great practice for when they're older and can use the real thing!

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