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Getting Fabulous with the VIP Pet Hair Salon | AD

The Bear has been a little bit in love with VIP Pets when we were sent some to review ahead of their release over the summer. So, imagine our excitement when this month we were sent Fabio and Fabia’s Hair Salon to take a closer look at.


The Bear loves real world play, so this is right up her street. Not only does this playset come with a brand new exclusive character Kiara which is only available as part of the salon, but Kiara can enjoy a wide variety of treatments.

Allow your Pets to sit back and relax in the salon chair while you use the massive amount of accessories to style them with time and time again. We especially loved the colour comb which a fabulous splash of rainbow in your VIP Pets hair.

We have to give a special mention to the glitterizer. We love glitter in this house so the fact that this comes compete with a glitter booth – along with 3 different glitter pots – ready for you to give you VIP Pet an extra sparkle.

Our favourite bit though is the fact that the sink works, complete with real water. (Does anyone elses children love playing with water?!) The little plug in the back means that it can spray, allowing you to actually wash your Pet’s hair, giving them a full VIP salon treatment.


The VIP Pets have also made their way onto the Bears YouTube watch list as the Pets also feature in their very own animated series on the Kitoons YouTube channel. Children can follow their adventures which are filled with stories of friendship and the importance of being yourself.

You can also find the VIP Pets over on Instagram, and I know they would love a follow if you love all things cute!


Needless to say, we are big fans of VIP Pets. It doesn’t have the reveal element that the individual character do, but this salon is brilliant at bringing the characters together and giving them a real world location to come together and play.

Wonderfully styled with some beautiful and bring details, this is hours of fun bundled up into a hair salon where little ones will love styling their pets over and over (and over!) again.

The VIP Pets Fabio and Fabia’s Hair Salon is already available to buy on Amazon* and will be a welcome addition under the Christmas tree for any child that loves their gifts cute and fun.

DISCLOSURE: We are thrilled to be a part of the Zuru Instagram League family, which means that we get a sneak peek at some of their amazing products to review and share with you.

As always though, all opinions are my own.

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