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Sea, sand and even some sun! – a week in the South of France

It’s been a busy busy BUSY few weeks …. holidays, weddings, travel, assignment deadlines…. few!  I’m going to do a few updates over the next few days just to document the comings and goings over the past few weeks as this little blog is not just my connection to my amazing readers (some I know, some I do not) but it is also my diary and I look looking back on the kinds of things we have been up to!

So first we have a holiday!!  Last week we headed out to my in laws place in the South of France for a week to catch up with them as well as my brother in law and his girlfriend, neither of which we see as often as we like so once a year we take a week to spend together and have some quality catch up time.

Day One: Arrival.  The bear did amazing on the flight – we were worried about this one as last time we flew she wasn’t walking yet so was easy to distract and keep occupied in her seat….this time less so as she’s mobile and wants to be off doing her own thing!  We (luckily) packed enough to keep her occupied and she was a little superstar all the way through.  Not a peep! We were dismayed by the amount of luggage we had and looked on in envy at the cute couples walking ahead of us with their single hand luggage case each.  I have a feeling those days are long behind us!!

Day Two: A much needed lazy day!!  We just kicked back at the house, dozed, enjoyed the sunshine and settled in.  Fabulous day and the first lazy day we’ve had in a long time!!




Day Three: Snowboarding!  For hubby though not the bear and I as she’s still a little small to be going down that route!  I was going to take her along to play in the kiddie section but it’s a long day for her and I don’t think she’s quite big enough to appreciate and enjoy it for more than an hour or so…..

However, by all accounts hubby had a blast!  There was fresh snowfall and it was a beautiful day so great conditions for him to be on the mountain. In the
meantime the bear and I made ourselves at home and nipped into Le Boulou for a few supplies which of course included (more!) toys for the bear.

Day Four: Collioure. This is one of our favourite places near to where the in laws have a house as it’s a beautiful old fort town with stunning surroundings. A lovely walk, a scrumptious lunch and a play on the beach as well as in the park and we left one very happy family.

Day Five: Another little lazy morning followed by a nice walk into Amelie Les Bains which is our closest town. It’s small but it’s a short walk and has everything we need for a nice lunch, some lovely views of the river which cuts down from the mountains and through the town and even has a great little park for the bear to play in.

Day Six: Canet Plage. We had never been so we thought we’d take a little drive down the coast to our closest sandy beach as although it was windy, it was also bright and sunny so we headed out to Canet Plage.  A gorgeous drive through some stunning views, Canet itself is very much set up for tourists which makes it feel like it could be any kind of ‘Brits aboard’ location across Europe.  However we had a yummy lunch and a great walk along the beautiful beach which is its biggest draw.  We then headed down to the marina to have a look at the amazing boats and dream out loud as to what our retirement could be!  Although nice to visit, if we came again I do not think we would come into Canet itself but instead would bring a picnic and just head straight to the gorgeous expanse of sandy beach.

Off to find Daddy!


Day Seven: home!  Although it is sad to come home, it is also lovely in a way as we love coming home and having a night in our own bed!  The bear was s star on the way home again and we cannot complain at all by what a little trooper she was for the whole week.


However, our homecoming was short lived as after one night in our own bed, we were back out again down south for a family wedding.  To be continued…..!

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