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It’s incredible to think that little pot of cream that reminds me so much of my children being babies is turning 90 this Easter. I’m sure that I’m one of generations of mums that turn to Sudocrem for every bump, scrape and sore bottom!

They’re not just having a quiet do to celebrate the occasion though. No, they’re once again teaming up with Ickle Pickles charity and launched their Cycle More campaign on 31 March. Last year the collaboration made an amazing 30k through the sales of My Ickle Sudocrem pots and this year they want to smash that and take it one step further with sponsored bike rides!

Who are Ickle Pickles?

In short, Ickle Pickles are the smallest and sickest babies who need intensive care in neonatal units when they are born. The charity does some amazing work by raising money for the intensive care equipment they need to keep them alive.

It’s a pretty amazing and worthwhile cause isn’t it?!

So, what is Cycle More?

What the teams at Sudocrem and Ickle Pickle are asking is for as many families as possible to take to their bikes and join in with the Sudocrem 90km challenge to fundraise for this amazing charity.

So, if you’re looking for a way to burn off some of those Easter eggs, to enjoy being outdoors as spring blooms to life around you or simply looking for a great challenge for you to do together as a family, then this is a great option. Especially as it looks like many activities could still be limited until at least June.

I know what you’re thinking. 90km is A LOT, and you’re right. That’s why the challenge is set as a family over 8 weeks. You could do one massive 90km bike right or maybe break the distance down to 9x 10k rides. There are even some great charts on the Sudocrem website to help you tick off your distance. Although the campaign launched on 31 March, there is still plenty of time to get involved.

Start fundraising

To get involved, simply set up a Virgin Money page. This will help you share with the people you know to help sick and premature babies all over the UK. For more information and to sign up today, head on over to the Sudocrem website.

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post in partnership with the Cycle More campaign. Thank you for supporting the posts which make this blog possible.

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