How To Create the Perfect Lawned Area In Your Garden

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Everyone dreams about the perfect relaxing garden. If you would like to make the most out of your space, or just moved into a new home which was neglected, you might want some greenery to keep you and your family happy. While you could get artificial grass and save a lot of time cutting your lawn, it will never feel the same. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started in creating a lawned area.

Photo by Christian Nielsen on Unsplash

Clear the Space

First, you will have to get rid of the rubble and the old paving stones. Level the ground and take out the bigger stones. You might have some bushes or trees in the way that need removing or cutting back. If you have already cut the trees in the middle of the garden, and would like to prepare the ground for the lawn, you might need to talk to a  local tree removal company that will not only take the tree away, but also dig out and dispose of the stomp. You don’t want to bump into it every time you cut the grass.  

Improve the Irrigation

To get the perfect lawn, you will need to protect the grass seeds from burning out and ensure that you are able to feed the garden the right nutrients. If your garden is not level, and there is a slope, most of the minerals might be washed out from the upper soil. That is why you will need to work the ground first to allow the rainwater to get deep into the ground, instead of just flowing on the surface of the compacted soil.

Soil Quality

One of the most common gardening problems is the low quality of the soil. Before you can have a lush, green lawn, you will need to use fertilizers and ensure that the minerals will last for a couple of years at least. While there are liquid versions of law treatment solutions, you will need to find a way to give your seeds a good start when you are spreading them. It might be a good idea to talk to a professional about the type of soil and find the right nutrients for it.

The Right Grass Seeds

You might not be aware, but there are different varieties of grass seeds out there. If you have a young family, you might want some hardy seeds, so your kids can play football and play on the slide without causing multiple patches on the lawn. You might also be able to find a grass seed that will deter cats, so you will not have to pick up their droppings every day. There is simply no way you can keep the cats out of your garden. They are very innovative.

Creating the perfect lawn has nothing to do with luck. You will have to plan the area, ensure that your soil is ready, and choose the right variety of seeds for what you are planning on doing on the grass.

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