Entertaining the family during the long summer holidays might seem like a daunting prospect, particularly if everyone likes doing different things. It can also be hard to find activities that don’t cost the Earth. It’s worth spending some time planning though to come up with ideas which will keep everyone occupied without being too expensive. Here’s some great ideas to get you started. 

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A day at the beach

Everyone loves a beach day when the weather is nice. Pack a picnic so you can spend the best part of a day there and let the kids splash in the sea and build sand castles while you relax. Take some games and toys in case they get bored, and spend some quality family time together having fun. If you don’t live near a beach, a paddling pool day can be just as entertaining. 

Go camping

If you have a tent, pack your bags and head out to a nearby campsite for a few days. You could take a couple of disposable barbecues and cook lots of yummy food. The kids will love being out in nature, playing games and going for interesting walks. If you have a telescope take it with you and spend some time star gazing at night away from city lights. 


Get your family involved in transforming your garden, building something to go in it or creating a vegetable patch. Kids will love getting their hands dirty. You could ask them to help you redesign the garden, buy all the materials needed and get stuck in. They’ll enjoy contributing to a project and seeing the final result. If you’re growing fruit or vegetables you can then come up with a recipe using them and ask your child to help you cook it. 

Go fruit picking

Take your kids to a local farm that allows fruit picking and collect some fruit or vegetables to make a pie or add to a dish. This will be a great opportunity for your children to learn about nature and what’s needed to grow things, as well as how to use ingredients in a recipe to create a delicious meal all the family can enjoy. 

Cream tea

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing afternoon tea at a traditional English tea shop like this lunch restaurant in Hertfordshire. Enjoy delicious finger sandwiches and mouthwatering cakes while spending precious time chatting to your family. 

With a little creativity and imagination you can plan activities which all the family will enjoy during the summer, and which don’t leave you out of pocket.

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