5 Ways to Save on Your Holiday

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Going on holiday and spending time with family is a luxury that we all look forward to. However, that luxury can turn out to be rather expensive, so it’s not surprising many people are searching for ways to save money on their holidays. Here are a few ways you can keep money in your pocket.

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Before you choose your holiday destination, you should think about the value of your money. Your money will have more value in certain countries, so it’s worth asking a travel advisor for recommendations. The value of the pound is often greater outside of Europe at the moment, so take a look at destinations like Croatia or Bulgaria. It’s especially important if you don’t want to go on an all-inclusive holiday and you plan to eat and drink outside of your hotel.


Purchasing an all-inclusive holiday package may be more expensive at the time, but it often works out cheaper in the long run. It’s especially handy for young families that won’t be venturing out in the evening. Take a look at to see if you can save money on your package. All-inclusive means all meals and drinks are covered for the entire holiday and many hotels put on entertainment and activities for families too.


The cost of your travel can dramatically change just by changing the day that you fly. Weekend flights are often more expensive because they’re sought after. However, if you’re willing to leave in the middle week, you could save yourself a small fortune. Before booking time off in work, take a look at the difference in price of the flights around the time you want to go on holiday. If you’ve got the option, take off two half weeks instead of one whole week.

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The difference in price in holidays during school time and holidays on school breaks is dramatic. In fact, it’s so dramatic parents are choosing to take their children out of school early for Summer and pay a fine because the fine costs less than waiting to pay for a holiday during school breaks. It’s difficult to negotiate when you have children in school, but if you can avoid going on holiday when schools are closed, you’ll save yourself a small fortune.


It may sound tempting to get yourself a last-minute deal, but it often doesn’t work out cheaper. Even with self-catering deals, you’ll still need to pay for luggage, travel insurance, transfers to and from the airport and many more. It all adds up and it’s likely to cost more than you think. Booking a holiday early often means you can put down a deposit and pay small sums until a few weeks before the holiday. It gives you time to plan financially and put spending money aside too.

You don’t have to pay extortionate prices just to relax with your family. Take your time to look and get the best deals.

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