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Ever since watching The Beach as a teenager, I’ve loved the thought of Thailand. Add in the fact my best friend spent some time there when she was travelling, and it means that it’s been a bucket list destination for me for a while now. So, I’ve been googling Cheap Thailand Holiday Packages and dreaming of what we would do.


Thailand offers so much. From parties in Bangkok to luxury in Phuket. There really is something to meet everyone’s need. For me? I’m all about the luxury these days with my party days long behind me. I think I would go one step further than Phuket though, and head for Khao Lak for a step further back from real life and a fabulous relaxing break in luxury. Glorious beaches and wonderful landscapes; it would be an idyllic place to sit back with a book and a cocktail and allow the sun to seep into your body.


Now, I’m not only for just lying on the beach therefore a holiday needs to hold so much more for me. Therefore, although Khao Lak boasts plenty of sandy beaches to enjoy the glorious sun on, we would be off looking for adventures to balance it out. Thankfully Khao Lak is also full of quiet fishing villages to explore, fabulous hills to trek and lush tropical forests to explore. Adventure is available at every turn should the mood take you.

Sadly, Khao Lak was one of the islands to be badly impacted tsunami which hit the area in 2004. However, it would be hard to imagine that devastation now as the area has recovered and today you will find stunning beaches, amazing rainforests and quiet villages.


Now don’t forget that Thailand is on the other side of the world to us and therefore you need to take that into consideration when booking your trip. Although they enjoy wonderful tropical temperatures all year round (think high 20’s / low 30’s) their rainy season is from July to October. Therefore personally, I’d be looking at a winter break sometime between November and February to get away from a cold and bleary UK and enjoy some tropical sunshine with plenty of sun and minimal rain.


If like me you dream of Thai adventures, then the good news is that you can travel on a UK passport with no need for a specific Visa. However, this is not a western country therefore make sure that alongside those bikinis, you pack plenty of clothes that cover your shoulders and legs if you want to head out to visit any temples or sacred sites.

There we have it, my Thailand dreams! What about you…. have you ever wanted to visit?

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