Visiting Australia for the Australian Open

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There are many reasons why Australia is such a favoured holiday destination. There is the glorious sunshine and the warm atmosphere. There is the beautiful beaches and a wealth of water activities to enjoy. There is an array of shopping options and the electric nightlife. The list goes on and on. Nonetheless, when it comes to sport, Australia is a clear winner. From rugby to cricket; you won’t be short of events to enjoy. However, it is definitely the Australian Open that makes everyone go wild. 

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The Australian Open has always drawn in high crowds from all over the world. It is played during the last two weeks of January and is the first of the four major annual Grand Slams. The other three, of course, being the US Open, the French Open, and Wimbledon. It has been ongoing for over one hundred years now with the first Australian Open taking place in 1905 and thus it is undoubtedly a significant sporting event in Australian history. 

A trip to Australia will be one to remember in any case, with specials at Burswood Car Rentals giving you the best chance to explore the country. However, if you incorporate the Open into your vacation you assured to benefit from one of the most amazing experiences of your life. Why not see if you can bag tickets to the main event; the men’s single final? Novak Djokovic is looking to retain his crown and break his record for the winner of the most men’s Australian Open singles titles.  Nonetheless, please bear in mind that this showcases why it is so important to use a travel agent. They will help you to sort out tickets to the events you wish to go to.

In fact, there are several reputable agencies who organise package deals. Nonetheless, before you start assessing all of the options regarding budget airfares and alike, let’s discuss some of the other events you can watch whilst taking your trip to Australia. The women’s singles is assured to be a fascinating occasion. Can one of the greatest ever athletes, Serena Williams, regain the Australian Open title from Japan’s huge star, Osaka? There is also the men’s doubles, the women’s doubles and the mixed doubles. Of course, Australia currently have the women’s number one in Ash Barty!

So, if you want to start off 2020 in style take a trip to Australia and get your hands on some tickets to the Australian Open. Words can’t describe the ambience and experience you will encounter. It’s truly incredible. Of course, this is just one of many amazing events that you will be able to enjoy during your trip to Australia, so careful planning is definitely a must.

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