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Festive Cheer with Cheshire Cake Classes

Nestled in the Barrowmore Estate near Tarvin, lies the cutest little cake class workshop. Ran by Sarah Yearsley, this little sweet treat studio gives people the chance to learn how to decorate cakes to a professional standard.

I’m no baker and have had a serious amount of Pinterest fails over the years, so when my girls suggested a cupcake decorating class for our festive meet up, I was a good mix of excited and scared!

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First up we were given our blank canvas. A set of 6 simple sponge cupcakes made with a classic recipe of 175g flour, 175g sugar, 175g butter and 3 eggs. We cut open the tops and added a good dollop of jam inside, eating the discarded insides of course!

Adding the jam

A little mountain of buttercream was added to each to provide a beautiful dome shape and what followed was a series of instructions to make 6 decorated cupcakes.

Made using fondant icing the class was fantastic. Really easy to follow and broken down into simple steps, it was also packed full of tricks of the trade tips which we could replicate and apply at home.

addng the details with Cheshire Cake Classes
Adding a little buttercream and fondant

The teachers were friendly, knowledgeable and supportive and the class environment was top of the range with everything you could possibly need. We also lucked out with all of our fellow students who were all really great and lots of fun.

Finally, we had our 6 cupcakes which were rather fabulous, even if I do say so myself! I think Santa looks rather great accompanied by Frosty and Rudolf.

Santa! Cheshire Cake Classes
Frosty! Cheshire Cake Classes


You can find Cheshire Cake Classes on the Barrowmore Estate, near Tarvin, Chester A54 and around 15 minutes from the M56.

The address is: Unit 8b, Barnhouse Lane, Barrowmore Estate, Barrow, Cheshire, CH3 7JA. Be warned, it’s difficult to find in the dark and can be confusing but basically follow sat nav until the end and then turn right into the Barrowmore Estate. From there follow the road through the estate following the signs for Cheshire Cakes. They are small though so be sure to keep your eyes open!


Cheshire Cake Classes say that these workshops are best suited for hobby bakers and people who have or would like to set up their own cake business. However, Sarah’s instructions are so clear, and the classroom environment is so supportive, that the cupcake class would be suitable for anyone.

The end result with Cheshire Cake Classes

Outside of the odd banana bread loaf, I’m no baker, but even I had an absolute blast and loved every minute. I had a fabulous set of cupcakes ready for Christmas that not only looked great but tasted great too!

Definitely one to keep on your radar for next Christmas, or to upskill in the year!

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Festive Cheer with Cheshire Cake Classes - clear instructions and a supportive classroom environment. These classes would be suitable for anyone.

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