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How to make wire star decorations for Christmas

Yes, I know it’s only October, but Christmas preparation is well underway here! Each year we create a few new Christmas decorations and this year I’ve added wire stars to our collection.

Make your own wire star decorations

Made from copper and aluminium wire, this is a simple but effective make which is so easy to create. Win, win, win right?! Here’s how to make your own.


For the template: a spare block of wood and 5 nails

For the stars: 1mm wire and 0.5mm wire in contrasting colours.

I made two colour options using: (1) 1mm wire in purple and 0.5mm copper wire. (2) a lighter option using 1mm copper wire and 0.5mm aluminium wire.

What you need - a template and wire


First of all, you need to make the template you’re going to use. For this I simply took a scrap piece of wood we had lying around and drew a 5-pointed star on it. At each of the 5 points, I hammered through a nail.

You can neaten it up by rounding off the edges and clipping the nail points, but as it was only me that was going to use it, I was pretty lazy and left it rough and ready!

creating your template

You now have a template ready to use to make your stars!


You will need a 2m length of both your 1mm and 0.5mm contrasting wires. Holding both together, you are pretty much going to follow the star shape on your template.

Starting at the bottom left corner point, use one hand to hold the wire in place and the other to follow the line up to the top point of your star. Next take it back down and around the bottom right point and over to the left corner. You’re then going to take it across to the right hand point before heading back down to the bottom left point. You should now have a wire star shape.

Making your wire star decorations
Making your wire star decorations
Making your wire star decorations

You need to repeat this process two more times until you have three layered stars all on top of each other. You’re now ready to move the stars off the template and start wrapping.

Making your wire star decorations

Now, you need to do this gently, so you don’t lose the shape of your star. Slip the star up and off the template and hold it gently in one hand. With your other hand start wrapping the remaining wire length around the body of the star up until the final 12cm of wire. Be sure not to pull it too tight else you will lose your beautiful star shape.

Making your wire star decorations

Wrapping the wire around the middle
Making your wire star decorations - almost finished

You now have a wonderful star shape with a lovely rustic finish. Trim the 0.5mm wire at this stage and secure all ends in. This should leave you with a finished star which has a 12cm length of 1mm wire remaining.

You are going to wrap this length around the edge of your star a few times until it reaches the top point of your star. Finally you need to fold it back on itself to create the hanging hook.

the hanging hook


There you have it! Your very own wire star decorations. I made some stars in a purple and copper mix as well as a few more in a copper and silver combination. However, the options are endless.

Red and green would be perfect for the festive season, but this is a decoration which is so easy to adapt to your colour scheme.

your finished star
the finished star purple and copper
The finished stars

I’d love for you to give these wire star decorations a go. Why not share your work with me over on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Good luck and don’t forget to let me know how you get on!

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Christmas crafts. Wire star decorations made from copper and aluminium wire. This is a simple but effective make which is so easy to create. Win, win, win right?!

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