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Pine Cone Decorations

If you saw my posts a few weeks ago then you will have seen that we added some wire star Christmas decorations to our collection for this year. In addition to a few homemade bits, the kids and I usually make a homemade decoration gift for grandparents that we give out at the beginning of December with their Christmas cards.

In the past we have made 3D wooden stars and salt dough trees. This year we went with some pine cone decorations, and what is nice is that at 3 and 5, the kids are at an age where they were able to do most of this themselves.


  • Pine cones
  • Glue gun
  • Mini pom poms
  • String

I often get messages asking where we get out supplies, so here are where we got ours for this project: pine cones collected on a recent woodland walk| glue gun from hobbycraft | mini pom poms from Amazon (affiliate line) | string from Rope Source (previous collaboration)


This really is so simple to do but really effective and so easy for little ones to put their own stamp on. First up, you’re using a glue gun so be sure to cover any surfaces you want to protect.

Then all you literally need to do is add a little bit of glue to the top of each layer you wish to add a pom pom to, then pick your colour and stick it down. That is literally it!

Obviously the glue gun is hot so you need to be sure to keep little fingers away from it. However, the kids had a great time choosing where I should put the glue and then by the time they pick a colour to add to the place, the glue was that little bit cooler to be safe for little hands to add their pom pom.

They had a great time experimenting with colours and spacing. Darcie ended up with a wonderful range of pine cone decorations that ranged from random colours, to a rainbow, to a wonderful swirl that spiralled around the pine cone. Just let them get creative.

Once you are happy with your finished pine cone decorations, you just need to add a little string or bakers twine to the top to add a little hanging hook. Then – as a final little touch – we added a name tag made from very simple brown card. And that’s it!

The kids enjoyed this so much that we ended up with a rather fabulous collection of pine cone decorations. All in all, we ended up with quite a few so not only will the grandparents be getting it as their annual decoration, but the Bear’s also wanted to make one as a Christmas gift for their teachers and classroom assistants. Hopefully they will love the handmade touch!

Why not give it a go? I’d love to see your finished pine cone decorations so be sure to tag me on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. And if you enjoyed this post, then why not browse for some more crafty inspiration?

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