Biscuits – some creative Easter fun for kids

For anyone who follows the blog you know we love a bit of creative fun in this house – less about exploring creativity (though it’s an added bonus) but more trying to avoid yet another episode of Paw Patrol. So yesterday we decided to decorate some biscuits. I could pretend that I baked but the truth is that Tesco do these fab decorate your own gingerbread eggs so if you’re lazy like me then there’s just no need.

easter biscuits ready to eat

I know from experience though that the tubes of sugar glue you get in the packs are hard to use for a 2 year old so we decided to add some ready to squeeze icing – in pink of course for this pink mad toddler – which she could use to paint onto the biscuits.

What we used

  • Tesco decorate your own gingerbread egg kit
  • Some icing
  • 2 bowls
  • A (clean!) paintbrush

what we used to decorate our biscuits

To make it a little easier to access, I squeezed the icing into one bowl (we only needed about a quarter of a pack) and added the little hundreds of thousands balls into the other one. I then simply handed the toddler a biscuit and paintbrush and let her at it!

enjoying some biscuit decorating fun

biscuit painting fun

She loved it!! Paint on icing was a hit, especially in pink which generated a lot of excitement (Mummy win there). However, it wasn’t long before she figured out that she could bypass the biscuit and go straight for the mouth.

That was it then, pretty much activity over as to be fair you can’t fault her logic. Why spend time decorating it if you could go straight to source? Unfortunately though we apparantly couldn’t leave the second biscuit bare so it fell to Mummy to quickly cover its nakedness.

learning she can bypass the biscuits and go straight for the mouth

our finshed easter biscuits

All in all this was a cute little activity which kept us both entertained for about an hour from set up to clean up while Henry looked on from his walker. So if you have some kids to entertain in the house over the Easter holidays, then this is a nice bit of yummy fun.

The best bit though? The treats at the end of course! The actual eating was done together snuggled in our comfy chair as we watched the Croods before bedtime – don’t worry though we brushed our teeth!

easter biscuits ready to eat

So what things have you been getting up to this Easter?

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