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This isn’t exactly a craft, but it is a really quick and easy thing to set up which will mean hours of fun for little ones. If your kids are anything like mine, then they love copying whatever it is that you do. Laundry is no exception for us and today being the first really nice day we’ve had at home, it’s the first time I’ve managed to get the washing outside on the line to dry. The Bear loves helping me whenever I do this so today I thought I would make her very own toddler washing line.


You literally just need some string, some scissors to cut it and then a couple of hooks big enough to go into wood. As well as of course, somewhere in your garden to be able to set it up.

toddler washing line - childrens crafts - development play - what you need


We have a little lean to in our garden and I set up our toddler washing line between two of the posts. It really was the simplest thing to do.

I had the Bear stand next to the post, so I could see where to put the hooks so it sat at eye level for her. I then screwed in the two hooks either side. Using the string I tied a loop at one end and hooked it over, stretched out the string to the other side so it met the other hook and cut. I then tied another loop on that side and popped it on the hook. That’s it, you’re done within 5 minutes.

Just add pegs, clothes and toddlers and they’ll have a great time. I just emptied out a few pairs of socks for her to hang on her little line and she had a blast. This is great to help with not only pairing for the socks, but also colours by choosing certain colour pegs. Add in the practice at hand eye coordination and dexterity (as pegging out washing can be a fiddly) and you have a great developmental activity which is also great fun for them.

If you want to go on step further on a warm day, then why not set up a washing station too. This is where they can ‘hand wash’ their clothes in a bowl using soap. They’ll have great fun scrubbing the clothes, wringing them out (and getting soaked in the meantime no doubt), then pegging it out on their very own toddler washing line.

toddler washing line - childrens crafts - development play - washing station

There we have it: 5 minutes work for hours of entertainment. How messy it gets is completely up to you. So, what are you waiting for? why not set up your very own toddler washing line today?

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toddler washing line - childrens crafts - development play

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  1. Such a cute idea, and a great learning skill for down the road!
    Britt |

  2. Very sweet. I used to have my own ironing board and would iron my dolly clothes along with my mum

  3. Rebecca says:

    This is such a good idea to get the kids involved!

  4. This is adorable and definitely something my niece would love. She’s at that stage where she copies her mom and Grammy with everything they do.

  5. Aw this sounds like such a sweet thing to do! I wish we had a garden as I know Amelia would be out there doing that endlessly!

  6. Such a cute way to get the munchkins involved in housework.

  7. This is such a cute idea!

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