Toilet Roll Spiders

Storm Ciara has kept us indoors this week, so the craft trolley has taken a serious hammering. I love that my children love creating things as much as I do so when the Little Man came in after having a wee with two toilet roll holders asking to make some spiders, this is what we came up with together.

toilet roll spiders

Quick and easy enough for little ones to make, this is a simple craft that will help keep toddlers and pre-schoolers happy on a rainy afternoon. What’s even better is that with no paint or glue, this is mess free!


  • Toilet roll holders (cut in half width ways)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • A bead
  • Eyes
  • Double sided sticky tape and scissors
what you need to make your toilet roll spiders


This really is so simple to do, it’ll only take your little one 5 – 15 minutes to make (depending on age and dexterity), meaning it should be easy to keep little ones focused on what they’re doing for a short period of time.

So first up, you should have already cut your toilet roll holder in half width ways. If you haven’t then do that now. Next up you’re going to thread your 4 pipecleaners through the bead. We matched the bean in colour to our pipe cleaners but feel free to make this any colour you like.

threading the pipe cleaners through a bead

Next you’re going to snip a little hole in the side of your toilet roll holder. It only has to be around 1cm, just bit enough to thread the ends of your pipe cleaners through which is what you’re going to do next.

make a small hole
thread the pipe cleaners through

Pulling the pipe cleaners though, you’re going to keep the bead on the outside as this will become the nose of your toilet roll spider. What you need to do next is seperate the pipe cleaners so one half come out of one side of the spiders and the others out of the other side.

the nose of your toilet roll spider

This is the main body of your toilet roll spider complete!

All you need to do now is fix your eyes in place. If the eyes are self adhesive then great, simply peel and stick or if they’re blank on the back like mine, just use double slided tape to hold them in place.

If you don’t have googly eyes though don’t worry, just draw them on.

a finished toilet roll spider

All you need to do now is position the legs and you have your very own toilet roll spiders.

Paint in black before you start for spiders which would be perfect for Halloween or keep them in rainbow shades for kids who just love colour!

someone is happy with his toilet roll spider

I told you these were really easy to make. These toilet roll spiders are fun enough to make it worthwhile but very quick meaning even the shortest of attention spans should be able to stay with you.

Most importantly though, these are mess free using just a few little bits from a well stocked crafting box.

Happy making!!!


These toilet roll spiders are a rainy day kids craft which is fun enough to make it worthwhile but very quick for even the shortes of attention spans while being mess free.

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  1. These are so cute! I always wonder what to make with my left over loo rolls!

    1. tippytupps says:

      We love a rainy day loo roll craft! My two won’t let me throw them away anymore

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