Quick Makes – Pom Poms!

Did anyone see This Morning, well….this morning!!

Phil and Holly (don’t you just love them!!) were learning to make pom poms either using the old school method of cardboard circles or using a proper pom pom maker. I was really impressed by how quick and easy these were to use regardless of how complicated they look so if you fancy having a go I would definately recommend one (see link at the bottom of this page for my recommendation from Amazon).

However, seeing that this morning I wanted to go one step further and share a little knowledge: more specifically share my method of pom pom which takes about 2 minutes and uses nothing but your hand and a pair of scissors. This is the method I use to make the pom poms on my Rainbow Bobble Hat.

Suitably curious?? I should think so!

First of all you need the yarn of your choice and a sharp pair of scissors (1). Start wrapping the yarn around your hand taking care to keep hold of the end (2), keep going until you have a good amount of yarn wrapped around your hand (3). Cut the end and then also cut another length of yarn ready to tie around and make the pom pom – you only need about 50 cms.

Take the loose 50cm piece of yarn and push the end up underneath what’s wrapped around your hand along your palm until it comes out the top (4). You need to bring the end of the yarn through your middle fingers (5) and back down the otherside along the top of your hand underneath what is wrapped around it (6).

So essentially what you have is a 50cm piece of yarn that is fed through your fingers underneath everything you have wrapped around your hand with one end on each side.

Tie these ends together so that the 50cm piece of yarn is now wrapped around the bulk of yarn at a right angle (7). Now it’s time to slip the yarn off your hand – take your time so it keeps its shape. You should have something that looks like picture (8).  Pull tight and tie in a knot (9).  I usually make 2 or 3 knots at this stage to make sure it’s nice and tight.

Take the scissors and snip through all the loops (10). What you should be left with is a very scruffy looking pom pom (11), so what you need to do now is prune the edges to make them nice and neat (12) make sure you leave a tail on the 50cm piece of yarn so you have enough to sew it with – and there you have it: a lovely nice new pom pom in no time! Attach to hats, shoes, cushions, scarfs, clothes etc….the options are endless!!

It may look like a lot of steps but once you get the hang of threading the long piece of yarn under whats wrapped around your hand, through your fingers and back out again you’ll be making up pom poms in no time!!!

And if that doesn’t quite work for you?  Well there’s always that pom pom maker afterall!!

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  1. This is a nice DIY Pom Poms. I’m already thinking of the various colours I would make and how to decorate my room with it. thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve always wanted to know how to make these! You explained it very well here. Cheers!

  3. Haha, yeah this looks so much easier and anyone can do it. I can’t wait to see if my daughter can pull this trick off as well. I had plans for pom poms and now they will be made in now time.

  4. What a fantastic idea!!!!! I have to try it out with my little girl at some point during their march break!!

  5. I love this tutorial. I make these all the time. I love making needs to hang off of bookmarks in the top of my pans.

  6. blair villanueva says:

    I could make use of this trick this coming Easter! Or a cute bling for my bags 🙂

  7. So cute!! What a fun craft … i always wondered how to make these.

  8. Very easy and cute pompoms. I can even make one as a keyholder.

  9. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg what a cute Pom this is!!! I had no idea that They were this easy to make!

  10. This looks so easy. I would love to make one to hang on my purse!

  11. Ohh I learned this during my junior years. Haha, now I am reminiscing about this.

  12. I have done something like this when I was having kids at my library make truffala trees from The Lorax. They had a lot of fun doing it.

  13. shannon says:

    So cute! Seems easy enough! But I have a feeling it I tried this it might be one of those pinterest fail videos hahaha!

  14. Amrita says:

    I absolutely loved the DIY pom poms.Its so cute .Really loved how easy the tutorial easy.Iw ill make this with my daughter

  15. These are so adorable. I’m not sure when I’d ever need yarn pom poms, but I could totally see a little girl enjoying this and making them for her dolls or something.

  16. And once you have made a pom pom there are so many other things to do with them. Thanks. #littlemakes

  17. Thankyou for this my 9 year old daughter will love doing it #littlemakes

  18. this is such a good tutorial – I always forget and struggle to make pom poms! Thanks for this I’ll bookmark up! #littlemakes

  19. this is such a good tutorial – I always forget and struggle to make pom poms! Thanks for this I’ll bookmark up! #littlemakes

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