Stash Busting Chunky Bobble Hat – Free Knitting Pattern

Stash Busting Chunky Bobble Hat

The weather has seriously taken a turn for the worse this week hasn’t it? After such a mild Christmas the cold blast has been a little bit of a shock this week. Luckily though, I knitted this stash busting chunky bobble hat a few weeks ago which has been keeping little ears warm!

As this is such a quick and easy knit, I thought I’d share what I did to make it with you all.


  • 10mm needles
  • 100g seriously chunky yarn – I used a ball of cygnet yarn from my stash.

Stash Busting Chunky Bobble Hat - what you need


As this really is the most simple pattern so I’ve not put any progress pictures in. The chunky bobble hat is knitted over just 23 rows, so it’s easy to pick up and make in a single evening. This is what you need to do:

  • Cast on 46 stitches
  • Row 1 = K2, P2 to end
  • Row 2 – 18 = Contine for 17 rows
  • Row 19 = K2tog, P2tog repeat to end (24 stitches)
  • Row 20 = K1, P1 to end
  • Row 21 = K2tog to end (12 stitches)
  • Row 22 = Purl
  • Row 23 = K2tog to end (6 stitches)
  • Cut yarn and thread through remaining stitches to secure.
  • Join two sides of the hat together using mattress stitch.

We finished our hat with a fabulous chunky bobble that we created using scrap pieces of chunky yarn from my stash to make a pom pom. I make my pom poms on my hands which I find to be the quickest and easiest way, and if you need a tutorial as to how to do that, you can find one here.

Stash Busting Chunky Bobble Hat - the pom pom!


Due to the chunky nature of this hat and the fact it’s knitted in a rib pattern, it is a one size fits all. It fitted both my two year old and my 4 year old well, and – believe it or not – the circumference would easily stretch to fit an adult as well.  However, if you did want to knit this to fit an adult, then it needs to be a little longer. Therefore, at row 18 continue the 2 x 2 rib pattern for an additional 6 – 10 rows depending on length required. However, please note that increasing the length means that a second 100g ball of yarn will be required to complete the hat.

Stash Busting Chunky Bobble Hat - the finished item

And there you have it: a stash busting chunky bobble hat. I’d love for you to give the pattern a go yourself and share your works with me over on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Good luck and don’t forget to let me know how you get on!

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Free Knitting Pattern for a stash busting chunky bobble hat. Knitted in chunky wool, this is a quick and easy know and is perfect to keep little heads warm in cold weather. Options available for childs knitted hat and also adult knitted hat.

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  1. Ooo I’ve shared this with my mum! It looks great!

  2. Love this! Thank you for your generosity. I love to knit, although I’m not so great at it. I donate the caps I make, so it is a win-win!

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