Teeny Tiny Bee – Free Knitting Pattern

This is the cutest little knitting pattern. One that I developed to meet a need for work, but I’ve used it for ourselves a few times now. They make great decorations, little toys or even a little learning aid. This free knitting pattern really is quick and easy to knit and then stitch up. They’re also a wonderful way to use up the odd little bits of yellow, black and white you may have lying around.


4mm needles

Scraps of black, yellow and white DK yarn

A little stuffing

Darning needle


To make the bee

Using 4mm needles and black yarn cast on 8 stitches

  • Row 1 – knit
  • Row 2 – (p2,pfb) twice, P2 – (10 stitches)
  • Row 3 – (k2, kfb) three times , k1 – (13 stitches)
  • Row 4 – purl

Switch to yellow yarn

  • Row 5 – knit
  • Row 6 – purl

Switch to black yarn

  • Row 7 – knit
  • Row 8 – purl

Switch to yellow yarn

  • Row 9 – knit
  • Row 10 – purl

Switch to black yarn

  • Row 11 – knit
  • Row 12 – purl

Switch to yellow yarn

  • Row 13 – knit
  • Row 14 – purl
  • Row 15 – k2tog six times, k1– (7 stitches)
  • Row 16 – purl

Cut yarn leaving a tail, thread through remaining stitches, pull tight and fasten off.

Join side seam with mattress stitch, stuff with either stuffing or yarn offcuts then gather cast on edge and fasten off.

Stitch two eyes as per picture using black yarn.

To make the wings

Using 4mm needles and white yarn, cast on 7 stitches

  • Row 1 – 3 – (k1, P1) three times, K1
  • Row 4 – cast off 3 stitches (one stitch left on needle) K1, P1, K1 – (4 stitches)
  • Row 5 – K1, P1 twice
  • Row 6 – P1, K1 twice
  • Row 7 – K1, P1 twice

Cast off.

Sew wings to the centre of bee back.

And that is literally it. I told you it was super quick, easy and simple! We’ve been using these little guys as counting bees to work on our numbers and also as props to learn as much as we can about them. Did you know that bees are most attracted to purple flowers because that is the colour they see mosy clearly? Yeah, me neither!

Once we’re done with them we plan to add them to a fabulous knitted spring garland. What would you do with yours?

For more knitting patterns, be sure to check out my other knitting creations.

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  1. Iz Ritchie says:

    Hi, i was wondering if you would be okay if i sold these bees (not the pattern, but the finished project) on etsy, it would include pride bees so most of them wouldn’t follow the same colors but it would still be this base pattern plus a little smile.
    Thank you!

    1. tippytupps says:

      Of course. Please feel free, though please do not sell the pattern. Just the finished products.

  2. Trish says:

    Hi Hun,
    I love these little guys, thanks for the pattern. I am using them for sensory mats for the elderly. I must be doing something wrong as my wings aren’t working. I think I am missing something in row 4.


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