Mothers Day

Handmade Mother’s Day – Handprint Plants

Mother’s Day isn’t Mother’s Day without at least one handprint involved, and this one is perfect for spring. Although a picture here, handprint plants work just as well as a card too.

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  • Paper: we used A4 white paper as the background, brown paper to use as the flowerpot, and then a black card to mount on.
  • Paint: poster paint is perfect, preferably in green.
  • Brushes: this goes without saying
  • Flowers: you can use anything to represent flowers – potato stamps, paint, paper flowers or like us, we used these self-adhesive flowers.
  • Scissors: for cutting the flower pot.
  • Double sided sticky tape: for sticking the flower pot down.
  • A Tablecloth: for any kind of craft that can get messy we tend to use both a tablecloth and aprons to try and limit the mess as much as we can. Both of ours are made from oilcloth and are from Messy Me.

Handmade Mothers Day - handprint plants - what we need


First of all, use the paint brush to paint little hands green ready for printing on the paper.

Press down firmly on the white paper to print your plant. Then all you need to do is decorate each stem with flowers. This really appealed to the Bears methodical nature, as she enjoyed placing a single flower on each one but no more than one.

She enjoyed it that much that we ended up making three.

Handmade Mothers Day - handprint plants - a work in progress

Once done you need to leave it to dry for a little while.

After around 10 minutes or so, it should be ready for the next stage. Taking the scissors, cut the brown paper into a flower pot shape and stick down with the double sided sticky tape. To give the picture added strength, we also stuck the picture to some black card to mount it for finished effect while also giving it a little strength.

And there we have it. A cute little handprint picture (or card if you prefer), perfect as a keepsake for years to come.

For more handmade gift ideas, check out our post: A Handmade Mother’s Day.

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Handmade Mothers Day - handprint plants - toddler crafts - pre-schooler crafts - pinable image

DISCLOSURE: this post is written with special thanks to both Messy Me and Baker Ross. for supplying some materials for us to play with.


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  1. This is such a cute idea!

  2. Going to show this to my aunt. She has little ones too and this is so cute!

  3. this one is my favorite, i love what you can create with hand painting xx

  4. I love love love any type of handling crafts!

  5. I love these – my favourite of your Mother’s Day ideas!
    Britt |

  6. Rebecca says:

    I think this one has to be my favourite! So cute!

  7. Very sweet, I would frame these!

  8. Really creative idea

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