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Handmade Mother’s Day – Love Heart Trees

The love heart trees is perfect for anyone who prefers a craft kit rather than full on messy craft play. The kind where you can let your kids at it with minimal supervision or instruction from parents. In the best possible way of course. The Bear loves nothing more than just being left alone to be creative, and I love nothing more than letting her do that without fear for our living room carpet.

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Literally all you need is a Love Heart Trees Kit from Baker Ross. At £3.75 for a pack of 5, this is an absolute bargain when it comes to a craft activity to keep kids occupied for a little while.

Handmade Mothers Day - love heart trees - what you need


In your love heart trees kit you have 5 cut outs which fit together to make little 3D trees. You then have 8 sheets of different coloured love hearts to pop out, peel and stick to your tree as cute little love heart leaves. So, that’s exactly what we did.

Even Henry got involved as although his love for crafts are limited, he absolutely loves sticking. In fact, I’m still find hearts stuck to things a few days later now.

This is a quick and easy craft, and the love heart trees are the perfect kit for people who want to give a nod to a handmade gift for Mother’s Day, but don’t want to make it too complicated (or messy). So easy to put together, these Love Heart Trees would be perfect for those people who perhaps don’t enjoy crafts but want something to do with their little ones for their mummies.

Handmade Mothers Day - love heart trees - the finished result

For more handmade gift ideas, check out our post: A Handmade Mother’s Day.

As an added extra, anyone looking to build up their craft stash, then Tippytupps followers can get a whopping 25% off your basket on the Baker Ross website. Just by use discount code VICKI25 at the checkout. Enjoy!!

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DISCLOSURE: this post is written with special thanks to both Messy Me and Baker Ross. for supplying some materials for us to play with.

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  1. Adorable, easy, and mess-free! Love it

  2. Aw, the outcome is so cute!

  3. simple and easy xx

  4. These look so amazing when you finish!

  5. Super cute, and a Valentine’s Day decoration you could put up year after year!
    Britt |

  6. Rebecca says:

    Oh look at their faces! such concentration.

  7. This was my fave from your other post! Going to hint this to my hubby

  8. You always have the best craft ideas for the munchkins! Love this!

  9. Such a lovely idea

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