Mothers Day

A Handmade Mother’s Day

Last week it was all about a Mother’s Day gift guide which gave you a few ideas of what to get the mums in your life that wasn’t the usual flowers and chocolates. One thing that was missing though, was the handmade touch. More specifically some handmade gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

If you’re a mummy to young children, then those little handmade bits to go alongside a Mother’s Day gift mean the world. Therefore, here’s four quick and easy handmade gifts. These simple craft ideas are quick, easy and perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers to make for the mummies and grandmummies in their lives.

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A decorated mug is perfect for that mum who loves a brew. What could be better than your very own decorated masterpiece? Perfect for sitting back and enjoying your tea from with pride. This looks more complicated than what it is, as its incredibly simple and easy to do. Little ones love the freedom to decorate an item they recognise like a cup, and mum ends up with something that she can not only use but is truly unique.

Handmade Mothers Day - gift ideas - toddler crafts - pre-schooler crafts - decorated mug

Click here for details on how to make your very own decorated cup.


For the mum who loves to display their gifts with pride, we have this fabulous love heart tree. The best thing about this craft is that it comes in a kit with everything you need inside. Therefore, no need for a big craft stash for all the bits you need as it all comes included. The love hearts make wonderful little love heart leaves, decorating your tree as a beautiful pre-schooler masterpiece. The fact it’s such a simple but fun activity with no mess, means it doesn’t need a lot of interference from parents. Perfect if – as a parent – crafts and mess just aren’t your thing. You can literally pop the hearts out for them and leave them to enjoy crafting, giving them a lot more freedom.

Handmade Mothers Day - love heart tree

Click here for details on how to make your very own love heart tree.


A handprint plant is perfect for mums who like to track progress and watch them as they grow. A fabulous handprint picture, perfect for spring. This can be made to be given as a picture or can very easily be turned into a card to keep in that memory box as they grow. Quick, easy and lots of fun, little ones will enjoy getting a little messy and decorating their very own handprint plant with flowers.

Handmade Mothers Day - handprint plants

Click here for details on how to make your very own handprint plant.


For the mum who loves to see their little one’s works of art every day, love heart fridge magnets are a great option. This is another really cute handmade gift idea that is easy for little ones and quick enough to do so they don’t get bored. What’s great about this is that it gives their creativity free rein, but you are always left with a gift that can be used and displayed on a fridge with pride.

Handmade Mothers Day - love heart magnet

Click here for details on how to make your very own heart fridge magnet.

So, there we have it. Four really simple ideas for a beautiful handmade Mother’s Day gift. Perfect if you’re a grandparent or parent who have the kids away from their mums for a few hours before the big day. Or even for mums who would like to sit down with their little ones for a Mother’s Day themed craft session. I can guarantee they will love making things for you and immediately passing them over to you. I know mine did.

As an added extra, anyone looking to build up their craft stash, then Tippytupps followers can get a whopping 25% off your basket on the Baker Ross website. Just by use discount code VICKI25 at the checkout. Enjoy!!

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DISCLOSURE: this post is written with special thanks to both Messy Me and Baker Ross. for supplying some materials for us to play with.

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  1. I love all of these! there is always something lovely about handmade gifts! its that little personal touch that is missing from shop bought!

  2. These are all such great gift ideas!

  3. These are all lovely!

  4. When I was young I used to always make my mom a mug! What great ideas!!

  5. So adorable – I love the plant pictures!
    Britt |

  6. Rebecca says:

    These are sooooo cute! i love handmade gifts, make is so much more special xx

  7. All of these ideas are wonderful! J will have to try a few of these out!

  8. I love the heart tree! Great post, love these ideas!!

  9. These are lovely gifts x

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