6/52 – a bear portrait (2016)


6/52 – a portrait of the Bear each week in 2016

This week’s portrait is a celebration of what I am hoping is a renewed love of swimming. The bear has always loved the water and has had swimming lessons since she was around 12 weeks old – which she has always enjoyed.  Up until around 3 weeks ago that is !

Since we came back from Center Parcs we’ve really struggled with her swimming lessons as she’s gone from being in the pool every day and loving very second to getting teary through her lessons and screaming every time we let her go.  This weekend we did a little trial to see if it was the pool / teacher she didn’t like by taking her back to her old class (she moved up to an older class in January) as although her first lesson went well this year, since then is when we’ve had the issues.  However this weekend saw a turnaround and although she’s not back at the same level with jumping in etc, she at least enjoyed the class and was full of smiles and giggles.  Fingers crossed it lasts!!

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