a bear portrait update

Wow – so I have some updates to do!
First of all my weekly bear portrait which hasn’t been done for 3 weeks!!


13/52 – a portrait of the Bear each week in 2016

You used to be such a good eater. Whatever we put in front of you, you happily munched down on, as long as you were being fed you were a happy girl!  Then when you turned 1 you caught chicken pox.  Then you caught hand foot and mouth. And then a nasty lung infection quickly followed by all 4 molars coming through at once.  The result??  Well it seems we now have a fussy eater. Unless it’s carbohydrates in the form of bread / toast / chips / waffles / smiles, then you are just not interested.  We are persevering in the hope it is just a phase but it gets tough at times!

However yesterday you rediscovered your love of houmous….with a bread sticks of course rather than the vast amounts of yummy vegetables on offer but at least it’s a start!!

12/52 – a portrait of the Bear each week in 2016

You have such an infectious smile which means when you smile, so does everyone else around you. Such a cheeky little face, anyone who meets you seems to fall instantly head over heals in love with you.  Not that I blame them!

11/52 – a portrait of the Bear each week in 2016

Where has my baby gone? In her place it seems I have an independent little lady who knows her own mind and is not shy about telling you what she thinks and what she wants to do.  You now want to walk everywhere and love exploring.


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