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A beautiful read, a weekend away and an adventurous girl #LittleLoves

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last #littleloves update and to be honest, things have just been that busy I’ve not had time to pause and take a look back. The last few weeks have been good ones: brunch dates with friends, trips to the park and to the zoo, as well as a weekend trip down to London to stay with family. Here’s the highlights over the past 7 days:

I finally finished A Year of Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman and it was a wonderful read: beautifully written and full of stunning imagry. The characters are broken and flawed and it’s a pleasure to follow them as they come to terms with their past and look forward to what will hopefully be a brighter future.

This weekend we have watched the kids reconnect with their cousins and have such great fun.  Darcie is always a little shy at first with new people or people she hasn’t seen for a while, but she’s at that age now where she can remember people and she was extremely excited to be going to stay with her cousins.

I’ve also watched her as she has become more and more confident. She’s pretty small compared to other kids her age and would often hold back rather than get involved, but over the last few weeks she’s been interacting with people quicker than usual and although she still needs a little help physically because she’s a bit of a dink, she’s been attacking the big slides and wanting to go on all the play things that the big kids play on.

On one hand it’s amazing to see but on the other I want time to slow down and for her to stay my baby forever!!

A lot of Radio X as we travelled to and from London this weekend. I don’t have digital in my car so it’s the first time I’ve really listened in as Alex was driving and it was fab! Full of old 90’s and 00’s presenters and music; it’s right up our street and shows our age!!

On our way back this morning we dropped into Moseley Old Hall just off the M54 to break up the journey, grab some lunch and have a little adventure exploring in the woods and we’re really glad we did!  It’s a beautiful old farmhouse where Charles II hid from Cromwell’s troops at after he fled the Battle of Worcester in 1651. With 2 children under 3, very rarely do we ever actually go inside the house but it has some lovely gardens and a wood which contained a mud kitchen, a den building area and an activity centre as well as a tree house to explore.

This is where Darcie enjoyed her #littlemakes for the week and had a great time making mud pie! We then made a really simple dreamcatcher in the forest – which was a guided activity the National Trust was running – and was done using a broken branch and some colourful wool – which had to be pink apparantly.

Flip flops!  Yes it’s still cold, and yes it’s still pretty wet at times but it has warmed up now and it counts.  The boots are going away and the flops are out!!

The little man hasn’t been mentioned much this week but he’s had a lovely week too.  The snot seems to be (mostly) gone and he’s even enjoyed his first every ride on a bucket swing!! As long as he is fed well and is kept in a steady supply of cuddles he is such a happy boy.

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  1. I love the photo of Darcie making a mud pie and the dream catcher looks lovely


  2. I love that photo of the mud kitchen and the dream cat her os beautiful. #littlemakes

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