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And so it begins….double trouble 27/52

Living Arrows 27/52

And so it begins…..this weeks picture is blurry and isn’t insta-perfect but it was snapped over the weekend it shows where my two are at the moment. Double trouble and into everything!! These two are going to give me (even more!) grey hairs over the next few years I just know it.


Now toilet trained both day and night, I couldn’t be more proud of how this little lady is getting on. She’s cracked it in such a  short time, it really does show that it’s so much easier if you let them go at their own pace and do it when they’re ready. We’ve had a couple of accidents but on a whole she’s got this. We still need to work on bedtime this year (as she still has a dummy for sleep….I know!) but she’s doing fantastic. She’s also discovered Toy Story for the first time this weekend which we have already watched 4 times so it looks like we have a new favourite. I’m not too bothered though as anything that isn’t Paw Patrol is fine with me!


This little man is coming on leaps and bounds at the moment. His coordination is coming on great as he attempts to feed himself with a spoon and he loves to clap to cheer himself on. He’s cruising along all the furniture now so I reckon in the next few months he’ll be walking which is when the fun really starts. The lack of walking right now though doesn’t stop him being into everything as he makes up for it in crawling, climbing and cruising!! However, I can’t believe that this time next week he’ll be one and technically I will have 2 toddlers. The last week has gone so quickly, I just can’t believe how fast it’s all moving and it’s already a year. Can time just slow down a little please?!

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  1. This picture is so cute. They look really up to something and what a complicity lol #livingarrows

  2. Once they start tag teaming we mummies stand very little chance do we. It’s lovely they have each other though. I hear you on the Paw Patrol it’s on a constant loop in our house. #LivingArrows

  3. Yay! It’s so nice when they get toilet training straight away isn’t it? This photo made me laugh – they look so mischievous #LivingArrows

  4. I hope the birthday goes well, I can’t wait to see some photos! I love seeing their relationship develop, you’re definitely going to have your hands full with them… but they’re so cute it’s worth it! #livingarrows

  5. Oh look at them both! They look like the perfect pair! You really do have to love Toy Story!! x

  6. Such a great sibling photo! The fun really does start when they start walking doesn’t it, when they move on to the toddler stage! x #LivingArrows

  7. Oh my goodness! Total dare devils 🙂 I have two of those here too. #livingarrows

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