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Baking a bean…halfway there


20 weeks today and officially halfway there!  This week has been a series of appointments for the bean, first of all on Thursday afternoon was my options appointment to decide on a birth plan for this pregnancy. Then Friday morning was our 20 week anomaly scan followed by a consultant appointment to review all the test results so far and to approve the plans we’ve put into place.

First of all the options appointment was amazing!!  the midwife talked me though all my notes from last time (they definitely made the right decision to emcs – so so scary!!) and went through what my options were, the risks and benefits associated to each and then talked through my preferences and made a plan for next steps! It was great and they’re letting me go vbac though I already have an elective booked for t+12 just in case I don’t go natural as I refused to have an induction again!!! She was fully supportive of all my choices except a water birth. Apparently that’s a big no no as because of ether happened last time they need / want to monitor me throughout labour. I’m a bit gutted I’ll never get that water birth but it’s a small price to pay to attempt to go natural. Therefore, little bean I hope your listening as you’ve been given and extra 12 days to make an appearance before we’re coming in to get you!!

It was definitely intense but a really interesting experience to see wear happened from an objective medical perspective and quite therapeutic to review and put away the last birth and then look forward to the next one.


Then Friday the 20 week scan went amazing; everything accounted for and by all accounts looking great. We’re still team yellow as we want the gender to be a surprise again but I don’t think we would have been able to find out anyways as s/he was curled up in a ball and stubborn so it was already an issue getting the measurements we needed!! I have an anterior placenta which I already guessed based on the lack of movement so far, but thats not an issue as it just means it’ll be a lot later until I stay feeling kicks etc it all.

Although it’s strange to think it’s 2 months before we’re seen again by anyone. The joys of no longer being a first time mum as they pretty much just assume everything is going well and you don’t need anything unless you say something. And for us, at least so far, that’s right although this week’s made everything seem so much more real so it’s probably time to start getting organised!!!

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