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The Bear Portraits 16/52

This week’s portraits come from a short visit to a local holiday village. It’s a lovely quaint little place with a few cute shops, a great play ground and some wonderful green space with little ones can have a lovely run around.


This one is getting so much more confident. She’s a nervous child who gets intimidated by things easily, but recently she’s pushing herself out of her comfort zone more and more. It’s so amazing to see. She’s never been one to jump into things with two feet without thinking, instead she sits back and quietly assess a situation before deciding what approach to take. This is exactly what her Daddy does, they are so alike sometimes in their personality that it’s spooky!


He on the other hand is just like his Mama. Jumps in two feet first and things about the consequences usually when he lands on the floor. He’s already more confident than her and is off exploring the moment his feet touch the ground. I’m hoping their personalities will balance each other out as they grow up together with his confidence bringing her out of her shell, and her quiet consideration balancing out his impulsiveness.

What’s more likely though is that she will think up the schemes and will convince her brother to go and do them!


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  1. Oh my what a fun time! lovely photos as always x

  2. I love how you can see both you and your husbands in both of the children! Great photos as always!

  3. My daughter is a lot like daddy too! Lovely photos x

  4. Rebecca Greenway says:

    Awesome pictures as always x

  5. Beautiful photos! And you have wonderful weather – we still have snow. So I am a little jealous of all of the grass and sunshine.

  6. I always love seeing the photos of them having fun 🙂
    Britt |

  7. Sun fun photos x

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